SériesAsian American History and Culture

66 Obras Popularidade 12,419 (511 Membros) 979 Livros 4 Críticas 3.9
Across the Pacific: Asian Americans and Globalization by Evelyn Hu-DeHart 10 exemplares1999
Americans First: Chinese Americans and the Second World War by K. Scott Wong 10 exemplares2005
The Asian American avant-garde : universalist aspirations in modernist literature and art by Audrey Wu Clark 3 exemplares2015
Asian American Movement by William Wei 39 exemplares1993
Asian American Panethnicity by Yen Le Espiritu 53 exemplares1992
Between the Lines: South Asians and Postcoloniality by Deepika Bahri 6 exemplares1996
But Still, Like Air, I'll Rise: New Asian American Plays by Velina Hasu Houston 13 exemplares1997
Cane Fires: The Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945 by Gary Y. Okihiro 20 exemplares1991
Chinese American Transnationalism: The Flow of People, Resources by Sucheng Chan 8 exemplares2006
Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture by Sucheng Chan 11 exemplares2008
Claiming America: Constructing Chinese American Identities During the Exclusion Era by K. Scott Wong 18 exemplares1998
Claiming the Oriental Gateway: Prewar Seattle and Japanese America by Shelley Sang-Hee Lee 4 exemplares2011
Contemporary Asian American Communities: Intersections and Divergences by Linda Trinh Vo 10 exemplares2002
Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation by Min Zhou 9 exemplares2009
The Coolie Speaks: Chinese Indentured Laborers and African Slaves in Cuba by Lisa Yun 12 exemplares2008
Countervisions: Asian American Film Criticism by Darrell Hamamoto 21 exemplares2000
Creating a Buddhist Community: A Thai Temple in Silicon Valley by Jiemin Bao 2 exemplares2015
The Cry and the Dedication by Carlos Bulosan 15 exemplares, 1 crítica1995
Cultural Compass: Ethnographic Explorations of Asian America by Martin Manalansan 2 exemplares2000
Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture In NYC by Sunaina Marr Maira 42 exemplares, 1 crítica2002
Discrepant Histories: Translocal Essays on Filipino Cultures by Vicente L. Rafael 15 exemplares1995
Doing What Had To Be Done: The Life Narrative of Dora Yum Kim by Soo-Young Chin 7 exemplares1999
East is West and West is East : gender, culture, and interwar encounters between Asia and America by Karen J. Kuo 2 exemplares2013
Entry Denied: Exclusion and the Chinese Community in America, 1882-1943 by Sucheng Chan 20 exemplares1990
Ethnicity and Inequality in Hawai'i by Jonathan Y. Okamura 10 exemplares2008
Filipino American Lives by Yen Espiritu 29 exemplares1995
The First Suburban Chinatown: The Remarking of Monterey Park, California by Timothy Fong 21 exemplares1994
Hmong Means Free (Asian American History & Cultu) by Sucheng Chan 33 exemplares1993
Laotian Daughters: Working toward Community, Belonging, and Environmental Justice by Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz 7 exemplares2012
Locating Filipino Americans: Ethnicity and Cultural Politics of Space by Rick Bonus 15 exemplares2000
Making a Global Immigrant Neighborhood: Brooklyn's Sunset Park by Tarry Hum 4 exemplares2014
Making Ethnic Choices: California's Punjabi Mexican Americans (Asian American History & Cultu) by Karen Isaksen Leonard 19 exemplares1992
Mobilizing an Asian American Community by Linda Trinh Vo 7 exemplares2004
The New Asian Immigration in Los Angeles and Global Restructuring by Paul Ong 12 exemplares1994
Nisei/Sansei : shifting Japanese American identities and politics by Jere Takahashi 9 exemplares1997
No Sword To Bury: Japanese Americans In Hawai'i During World War II by Franklin Odo 19 exemplares2004
On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan by E. San Juan 15 exemplares1995
Organizing Asian-American Labor: The Pacific Coast Canned-Salmon Industry, 1870-1942 (Asian American History & Cultu) by Chris Friday 14 exemplares1994
Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture by Robert G. Lee 60 exemplares1999
Outside the Paint: When Basketball Ruled at the Chinese Playground by Kathleen S. Yep 3 exemplares2009
Paper Son: One Man's Story by Tung Chin 16 exemplares2000
A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America by Lavina Shankar 15 exemplares1998
Performing Asian America : race and ethnicity on the contemporary stage by Josephine Lee 21 exemplares1997
The Philippine Temptation: Dialectics of Philippine-U.S. Literary Relations by E. San Juan 2 exemplares1996
Pinoy Capital: The Filipino Nation in Daly City by Benito Vergara 4 exemplares2009
The Politics of Life: Four Plays by Velina Hasu Houston 16 exemplares1993
Positively No Filipinos Allowed: Building Communities and Discourse by Antonio Tiongson 10 exemplares2006
Prisons and Patriots: Japanese American Wartime Citizenship, Civil Disobedience, and Historical Memory by Cherstin Lyon 8 exemplares2012
Q & A: Queer in Asian America by David L. Eng 107 exemplares1998
The Racial Logic of Politics: Asian Americans and Party Competition by Thomas P. Kim 6 exemplares2007
Re/collecting Early Asian America: Essays in Cultural History by Josephine Lee 12 exemplares2002
Reading the Literatures of Asian America by Shirley Geok-lin Lim 18 exemplares1992
Reframing transracial adoption adopted Koreans, white parents, and the politics of kinship by Kristi Brian 3 exemplares2012
San Francisco's International Hotel: Mobilizing the Filipino American Community in the Anti-Eviction Movement by Estella Habal 6 exemplares2006
Serial Fu Manchu : the Chinese supervillain and the spread of Yellow Peril ideology by Ruth Mayer 3 exemplares2014
Smuggled Chinese: Clandestine Immigration to the United States by Ko-lin Chin 9 exemplares, 1 crítica1999
The Sum of Our Parts: Mixed-Heritage Asian Americans by Cynthia L. Nakashima 24 exemplares2001
This Is All I Choose to Tell: History and Hybridity in Vietnamese American Literature by Isabelle Thuy Pelaud 8 exemplares2010
Tiananmen Fictions outside the Square: The Chinese Literary Diaspora and the Politics of Global Culture by Belinda Kong 2 exemplares2012
To Save China, to Save Ourselves: The Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York by Renqiu Yu 12 exemplares1992
Transnationalizing Viet Nam: Community, Culture, and Politics in the Diaspora (Asian American History & Cultu) by Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde 6 exemplares2012
Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture, and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism by Lan P Duong 3 exemplares2012
The Vietnamese American 1.5 Generation: Stories of War, Revolution, Flight and New Beginnings by Sucheng Chan 18 exemplares2006
We are a People: Narrative and Multiplicity in Constructing Ethnic Identity by Paul Spickard 2 exemplares2000
World Next Door: South Asian American Literature by Rajini Srikanth 6 exemplares, 1 crítica2004
Yellow Light: The Flowering of Asian American Arts by Amy Ling 12 exemplares1999