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Autor da série: Various Artists

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Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 1 por Mojo Club 2 exemplares1992
Mojo Presents An Introduction To Leonard Cohen por Leonard Cohen 1 exemplar2003-10
Beyond Punk: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks of Post-Punk Noise, 1978 - 2005 por Various Artists 2 exemplares2005-04
Mojo Presents: TRASH! - The Roots Of Punk (May 2006) por Mojo Magazine 3 exemplares2006-06
Revolver Reloaded: Mojo Presents Their 1966 Masterpiece Covered in Full por MOJO 7 exemplares2006-07
Mojo Presents: Stooges Jukebox: Compiled Exclusivity for Mojo by Iggy Pop por Various Artists 3 exemplares2007-04
In Search of Syd: MOJO Presents 15 Mind-Bending Freak-Outs! por Various Artists 8 exemplares2007-10
Heavy Nuggets: Mojo Presents 15 Lost British Hard Rock Gems 1968-1973 por Various Artists 2 exemplares2007-12
Bad Seeds Nick Cave: Roots & Collaborations: Mojo Presents A 15 Track Celebration por Various Artists 3 exemplares2009-03
I Can See For Miles: Mojo Presents Lost Tracks From America's Psychedelic Underground por Various Artists 5 exemplares2009-04
Mojo Presents: New Harvest (A Compendium of Modern North American Song) (August 2009) por Various Artists 5 exemplares2009-08
Abbey Road Now!: Mojo Presents The Beatles' 1969 Classic Re-Recorded! por Various Artists 4 exemplares2009-10
Let It Be Revisited: Mojo Proudly Presents The Beatles Final Album From 1970 Re-Imagined por Various Artists 6 exemplares2010
Mojo Presents... Dream Pop por Various Artists 4 exemplares2010-04
Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers: Mojo Presents Psychedelic Confectionery from the UK Underground 1965-1969 por Donovan 0 exemplares2011
The Wall Re-Built!: Mojo Presents Pink Floyd's 1979 Masterpiece Re-Recorded por Various Artists 7 exemplares2011
MOJO Presents Harvest Revisited: Neil Young's classic album re-recorded exclusively for MOJO por Neil Young 5 exemplares2011-02
Harrison Covered: Mojo Presents An Exclusive Tribute To George, November 2011 por Show of Hands 4 exemplares2011-11
Yellow Submarine Resurfaces: Mojo Presents A Tribute To The Beatles Classic 1968 Soundtrack por Various Artists 5 exemplares2012-07
The Roots of The Rolling Stones: Mojo Presents 15 Stones-Approved Classics por Rolling Stones 3 exemplares2012-08
Action! 15 Cult Movie Classics: Mojo Presents A Bespoke Collection Of Big Screen Nuggets por Mojo Magazine 3 exemplares2013-04
Uncovered: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks As Re-Cut By The Rolling Stones por Rolling Stones 4 exemplares2013-07
Purple Soul: Mojo Presents A Compendium Of Futurist R&B por Various Artists 4 exemplares2014-02
Death Disco: Mojo Presents A Compendium Of Post-Punk Grooves por Various Artists 2 exemplares2014-05
The Dreamers: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks of Kate Bush-Inspired Dream Pop por Various Artists 4 exemplares2014-10
Brain Damage: Mojo Presents A Compendium Of Mind-Blowing Heavy Psych, Space Jams & Astral Chants por Various Artists 4 exemplares2014-12
DAVIDHEROESBOWIE: Mojo presents the Artists that Influenced David Bowie por Various Artists 5 exemplares2015-02
Modern Life is Rubbish: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks of Everyday British Angst por Various Artists 3 exemplares2015-05
Beyond Saturn: Mojo Presents 15 Mind-Blowing Cosmic Tracks Approved by Paul Weller por Various Artists 4 exemplares2015-06
The Roots Of Fleetwood Mac: Mojo Presents 15 Classic Tracks That Inspired The Mac por Various Artists 4 exemplares2015-07
Songs The Beatles Taught Us: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks Covered By John, Paul, George & Ringo por Various Artists 2 exemplares2015-11
Pretty Vacant: Mojo Presents 15 Pre-Punk Nuggets 1 exemplar2015-12
Gimme Danger: Mojo Presents A Desert Rock Compilation in Association with Josh Homme por Iggy Pop 3 exemplares2016-04
This Is It!: Mojo Presents..... The Next Projected Sound Of 2016: A Mind-Blowing Compendium Of Modern Psychedelia por Various 3 exemplares2016-06
How Soon Is Now?: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks of Modern Independent Music 1 exemplar2016-08
Desert Songs: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks Of Cosmic Roots Music por Various Artists 2 exemplares2017-02
Mojo Presents: Something Else: A Tribute To The Kinks por Various Artists 1 exemplar2017-03
Pigs Might Fly: Mojo Presents A Compendium Of Progressive Sounds por Hawkwind 3 exemplares2017-05
Children Of Pepper: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks Inspired By The Beatles' Classic 1967 Album por Various Artists 2 exemplares2017-06
Kiss The Sky: Mojo Presents A 67-Minute Mind-Bending Experience! por Brant Bjork and The Bros 3 exemplares2017-08
I Just Can't Be Happy: Mojo Presents 15 Punk Scorchers por Various Artists 2 exemplares2017-09
Teen Spirit: Mojo Presents 15 Noise-Filled Classics From The American Underground Scene 1989-1992 1 exemplar2017-10
Neu Decade: Mojo Presents A Compendium Of Modern European Music: 1970-1979 por Various Artists 3 exemplares2017-11
True Faith: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks Of Soul-stirring Gospel, Country And Blues... por Various Artists 2 exemplares2017-12
Bright Ambassadors of Morning: Mojo Presents 12 Cosmic Echoes from the Psychedelic Universe por Various 3 exemplares2018-07
Black Mountain Sides: Mojo Presents... 15 Folk And Blues Visionaries From Over The Hills And Far Away por Bert Jansch 4 exemplares2018-12
Heavy Soul Vol. 2: Mojo Presents 15 Hits Of Psychedelic Funk, Black Rock And Cosmic Slop... por Various Artists 2 exemplares2020-04
The Good Songs: Mojo Presents A Tribute to Nick Cave por Various Artists 2 exemplares2020-06
In My Life: Mojo Presents The New Singer-Songwriters por Various Artists 4 exemplares2020-10
Why Can't I Be You?: Mojo Presents A Tribute To The Cure por Various Artists 2 exemplares2021-03
The Colours Of Spring: Mojo Presents 15 Songs For A New Season por Various Artists 2 exemplares2021-05
Glam Nuggets: Mojo Presents 15 Wham Bam Rarities from the Boogie Children! por Various Artists 2 exemplares2022-07
Boss Sounds!: Mojo Presents 15 Tracks Compiled from Bruce Springsteen's Own Playlists por Various Artists 4 exemplares
Modern Life Is Rubbish por Kae Tempest 1 exemplar
Mojo Presents: Harvest Revisited (February 2011) por Various Artists 1 exemplar
Mojo Presents: Physical Graffiti Redrawn por Various Artists 4 exemplares
Mojo Presents: Psych Out! (15 Nuggets From The Scene That Spawned Pink Floyd, Starring Donovan, Small Faces, The Move, The Troggs, Kaleidoscope, The Zombies, Procol Harum And More) (April 2006) por Various Artists 4 exemplares
Mojo Presents: Radio Clash (October 2004) por Various Artists 1 exemplar


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