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The Sociology of Language in Israel by Joshua A. Fishman 2 exemplares1
Language attitudes II by Robert L. Cooper 1 exemplar6
Language and education in the third world by Jack Berry 1 exemplar8
Sociolinguistic research in Sweden and Finland by Bengt Nordberg 1 exemplar10
Language death by Wolfgang U. Dressler 1 exemplar12
Bilingual education by E. Glyn Lewis 1 exemplar14
Belgium by Albert Verdoodt 1 exemplar15
Aspects of Sociolinguistics in South Asia (International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 16) by Braj B. Kachru 1 exemplar16
Romani sociolinguistics by Ian F. Hancock 3 exemplares19
Language planning and identity planning by Paul Lamy 1 exemplar20
Dialect and standard in highly industrialized societies by Ulrich Ammon 1 exemplar21
Sociology of Yiddish by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar24
Language Maintenance and Language Shift by Robert C. Williamson 2 exemplares25
Foreigner talk by Michael G. Clyne 1 exemplar28
Regional languages in France by Andrée Tabouret-Keller 1 exemplar29
The sociology of Jewish languages by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar30
Sociolinguistic theory by Haver C. Currie 1 exemplar31
The changing status of Russian in the Soviet Union by Isabelle Kreindler 1 exemplar33
Register range and change by Jeffrey Ellis 1 exemplar35
Sociology of Judezmo : the language of the Eastern Sephardim by Tracy K. Harris 1 exemplar37
Levels of analysis in sociolinguistic explanation by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar39
Catalan sociolinguistics by Maria Ros i Garcia 1 exemplar47
Language and television by Hugo. Baetens Beardsmore 1 exemplar48
Yugoslavia in sociolinguistic perspective by Thomas F. Magner 1 exemplar52
Sociolinguistic taxonomics by Dennis R. Preston 1 exemplar57
Sociolinguistics in Japan by Harald Haarmann 1 exemplar58
Chinese language planning : perspectives from China and abroad by Björn H. Jernudd 1 exemplar59
The question of an official language : language rights and the English language amendment by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar60
Aspects of Arabic sociolinguistics by Björn H. Jernudd 1 exemplar61
Festschrift in honor of Charles A. Ferguson by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar62
The sociology of Frisian by Durk Gorter 1 exemplar64
The sociology of Welsh by Glyn Williams 1 exemplar66
New perspectives on language maintenance and language shift I by James R. Dow 1 exemplar68
New perspectives on language maintenance and language shift II by James R. Dow 1 exemplar69
Language planning in Ireland by Pádraig Ó Riagáin 1 exemplar70
The sociolinguistics of Dutch by Judith Stalpers 1 exemplar73
Sociolinguistics in India by Raja Ram Mehrotra 1 exemplar75
Italian sociolinguistics : trends and issues by Elisabetta Zuanelli Sonino 1 exemplar76
Bilingual education and language planning in indigenous Latin America by Nancy H. Hornberger 1 exemplar77
Sociolinguistics in Poland by Karol Janicki 1 exemplar78
US Spanish: The Language of Latinos by Irene Wherritt 1 exemplar79
Current issues in language planning and language education by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar80
Sociolinguistics in the People's Republic of China by Yuan Chen 1 exemplar81
Aspects of Korean sociolinguistics by Harald Haarmann 1 exemplar82
Zur Soziolinguistik des Deutschen = Varieties of German by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar83
Spanish in the USA : new quandaries and prospects by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar84
Caribbean languages : lesser-known varieties by Velma Pollard 1 exemplar85
Perspectives on language contact and language policy by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar86
Sociolinguistics of the Maghreb by Moha Ennaji 1 exemplar87
Sociolinguistic studies in the Philippines by Bonifacio P Sibayan 1 exemplar88
Sociolinguistics in Brazil by Francisco Gomes de Matos 1 exemplar89
Migrant languages in Western Europe by Kees De Bot 1 exemplar90
Yiddish, the fifteenth Slavic language : a study of partial language shift from Judeo-Sorbian to German by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar91
New perspectives on linguistic etiquette by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar92
Language obsolescence, shift, and death in several Native American communities by Allan R. Taylor 1 exemplar93
Language, sex, and society by Tove Bull 1 exemplar94
Language-spread policy. - Vol. 1: Languages of former colonial powers by Ulrich Ammon 1 exemplar95
Sociolinguistics in Mexico by Yolanda Lastra 1 exemplar96
Attitudes and accommodation in multilingual societies by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar98
Koines and koineization by Jeff Siegel 1 exemplar99
Anniversary issue : preparing for the twenty-first century by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar100/101
Creole movements in the francophone orbit by Ellen M. Schnepel 1 exemplar102
Language in power by Carol M. Eastman 1 exemplar103
Sociology of language in Belgium (revisited) by Albert F. Verdoodt 1 exemplar104
French-English language issues in Canada by Richard Y. Bourhis 1 exemplar105/106
Language-spread policy. - Vol. 2: Languages of former colonial powers and former colonies by Ulrich Ammon 1 exemplar107
Ethnolinguistic vitality by Rodrigue Landry 1 exemplar108
Language, the subject, the social link : essays offered to Andrée Tabouret-Keller by the members of LADISIS by Gabrielle Varro 1 exemplar109
Ethnolinguistic pluralism and its discontents : a Canadian study, and some general observations by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar110
Hungarian sociolinguistics by Miklós Kontra 1 exemplar111
Sociolinguistics in Morocco by Moha Ennaji 1 exemplar112
Australian aborigines and Torres Strait islanders : sociolinguistic and educational perspectives by Brian Devlin 1 exemplar113
Sociolinguistic trends on the U.S.-Mexican border by Margarita Hidalgo 1 exemplar114
Sociolinguistics in Norway by Ernst Håkon Jahr 1 exemplar115
Language politics and accommodation by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar116
Sociolinguistics in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay by Adolfo Elizaincin 1 exemplar117
Language planning and political theory by Hans R. Dua 1 exemplar118
Vernacular literacy in nonmainstream communities by Ludo Verhoeven 1 exemplar119
Minority languages in central Europe by Sven Gustavsson 1 exemplar120
Economic approaches to language and language planning by François Grin 1 exemplar121
Concepts of language in Asia and other non-Western societies by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar122
Berber sociolinguistics by Moha Ennaji 1 exemplar123
The sociolinguistics of Slovene by Marc L. Greenberg 1 exemplar124
Sociolinguistic issues in sub-Saharan Africa by Mohamed H. Abdulaziz 1 exemplar125
Aspects of sociolinguistics in Greece by James E. Alatis 1 exemplar126
Linguistic human rights from a sociolinguistic perspective by Rainer Enrique Hamel 1 exemplar127
Issues in language contact and social power relations by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar128
Women's languages in various parts of the world by Sachiko Ide 1 exemplar129
Linguistic issues of Southeast Asia by Asmah Haji Omar 1 exemplar130
The sociolinguistic situation of the Macedonian language by Zuzanna Topolinjska 1 exemplar131
Indigenous language use and change in the Americas by Teresa L. McCarty 2 exemplares132
Americans in Europe- a sociolinguistic perspective : probes in Northern and Western Europe by Gabrielle Varro 1 exemplar133
Language choice issues by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar134
Sociolinguistics in Bulgaria by Michail Videnov 1 exemplar135
Post-apartheid South Africa by Kay McCormick 1 exemplar136
Language and politics : theory and cases by Jacob M. Landau 1 exemplar137
Pious voices : languages among ultra-Orthodox Jews by Miriam Isaacs 1 exemplar137
Estonian sociolinguistics by Tiit Hennoste 1 exemplar139
Dialect convergence and divergence across European borders by Jeffrey L. Kallen 1 exemplar145
Aspects of sociolinguistics in Iran by Yahya Modarresi 1 exemplar148
Between koineization and standardization : New World Spanish revisited by Margarita Hidalgo 1 exemplar149
Digraphia : writing systems and society by Stephane Grivelet 1 exemplar150
Serbian sociolinguistics by Milorad Radovanović 2 exemplares151
Language contact issues by Florian Coulmas 1 exemplar152
Language change and social networks by Kees De Bot 1 exemplar153
Revisiting the mother-tongue question in language policy, planning, and politics by Thomas Ricento 2 exemplares154
Bilingualism and schooling in the United States by Joshua A. Fishman 1 exemplar155/156
Focus on diglossia by Joshua A. Fishman 2 exemplares157
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 158 (2002) 1 exemplar158
International Journal of the Sociology of Language 159 (2003) 1 exemplar159
Sociolinguistics in France : theoretical trends at the turn of the century by Andrée Tabouret-Keller 3 exemplares160
Languages and language communities in the Czech Republic by Jiří Nekvapil 1 exemplar162
The sociolinguistics of Cyprus. - I: Studies from the Greek sphere by Dionysis Goutsos 1 exemplar168
The sociolinguistics of southern "Occitan" France, revisited by Philippe Blanchet 1 exemplar169
Trilingual education in Europe by Jasone Cenoz 1 exemplar171
The case of Basque: from the past toward the future by Maria-Jose Azurmendi 1 exemplar174
The sociolinguistics of lingua franca communication : standardization and self-regulation by Christiane Meierkord 2 exemplares177
Sociolinguistic studies on the Albanian language by Eda Derhemi 1 exemplar178
Overcoming minority language policy failure : the case for Bulgaria and the Balkans by Angel G. Angelov 1 exemplar179
Small and large Slavic languages in contact by Roland Marti 1 exemplar183
Spanish in Spain: the sociolinguistics of bilingual areas by Francisco Moreno-Fernández 1 exemplar184
The Swedish-speaking Finns by Karmela Liebkind 1 exemplar187/188
Authenticity and linguistic heritage in the age of globalization by Florian Coulmas 2 exemplares189
Ausbau and Abstand languages : traditional and new approaches by Mauro Tosco 1 exemplar191


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