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Playing Dead (Prison Break, Book 3) por Allison Brennan

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Sobre mimMy name is STAR (Yes, it is something else for my first name on my birth certificate, but my mother already knows what that is so, it's OK...but Starria is a very cool middle name? Don't ya' think?) and I am a SINGLE FEMALE living in RHODE ISLAND in the UNITED STATES. (NEVER Trust MEN, No matter what they tell you! They LIE! That's the BEST and ONLY advice I have for you!) I was born in the 70's on a beautiful sunny and HOT JUNE day...that day being the 15th. I grew up in the 80s through the 90"s and I love the MUSIC. It's the Best. I also love Reading. I grew up with a great family in such a great time. I am a girlie girl through and through. I LOVE FASHION, MAKE-UP, SHOES, HAIR, ACCESSORIES and the like. I LOVE my hardcover books on the above, they are works of art. I also have some really pretty fairy/fae hardcovers that are gorgeous as well. Most are signed, well taken care of and collectable. I love to Horseback ride, coach cheerleading, dance and gymanastics. I LOVE MILK *not dark* chocolate (so important) and shopping. I'm a, what else, my favorite color is PINK. I journal everday and night. I have since I was a little girl. I love to write. My new favorite phrase is: "Gimme some sugah"...*It does have to be said by the right's usually followed by Kitten* Do you think that's short for sex-kitten or is it me? Oh and I have a kitten and his name is Armani. He has double paws in the front and triple paws in the back. He's beautiful & Unique.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaMy library is very heterogeneous/eclectic in every way. From Children's Lit to Horror and from YA Lit to Chick Lit to Suspense, Thrillers, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Mysteries...just about anything that has words, I'll read it. (Even the cereal box isn't safe!) I LOVE to read and I LOVE books. I love to write reviews for the ones I've read and I also love my book club. I also have a new Amazon kindle which has begun to take up all of my free time..God, do I LOVE that little gadget! It makes reading easier and fun!(Very hard to describe unless you own one) I have many favorite authors and I am always on the look-out for new ones! Like I said above, I love my hardcover books, they are like works of art to me, I could NEVER give them up. I also keep a blog on blogspot and I'll put that link up as soon as I can!

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