Jan 14, 2023
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I started a group under the name "All is Rex" - the same bio is pasted below, please check it out! :)

I chose the name as a hinting of what I and my studies stand for, which is, the interest in learning about and comprehension of 'All', as in nature. For it is the reigning king. As are the persons who choose to actively pursue this wisdom.

So, my fellow kings, enter into the world that is all around you and let us work diligently at the most worthy of pursuits.

(Also, it's a play with my name AlixanderKRex, which I post through YouTube under (and elsewhere, check link tree below).

PLEASE <3 tag along, and get free resources galore, and help as well as encouragement on ways to build up your personal pursuits/self-studies/curriculum in the classical education/Literature Arts styling. The 1st link is the repository of free resources! <3 Happy learning!!! <3)

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