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Oct 5, 2023
Nome Real
William Anderson McRae, Jr.
Acerca da Minha Biblioteca

there are books ive read that i no longer have, there are books I have that are yet to be read. surrounded by the voices of the past is a sublime comfort to me. my library is under my care but I do not own it. no one will ever own it. stewardship of the knowledge of good and evil will prevail until the end. this is a hidden library yearning to be known. these books have friends that shall not be mentioned here or anywhere. I could not stop them. they have a hive mind of their own.

Acerca de Mim

everyone has a place that they feel most at home. it was always an old bookstore or a neighborhood library. I decided to make my house a home. I want to fill every space with opportunities to learn and feel at home in the space I sleep, eat and wash.

Northern Hemisphere