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My library is comprised of mostly what would be considered "classic" fiction, murder mystery, fantasy (mainstream and young adult), poetry, and nonfiction books on every subject I'm interested in, which is a lot! I read general fiction from time to time. Nonfiction collections include art, music, costume, horses, British history and places, foreign language, mythology, and research for my own books.

Acerca de Mim

I was born in England but grew up in California, graduating from Cal Poly. I have done many things, but have been a musician and teacher the longest. Horses, literature, music, and art have been my passions as long as I can remember.

Bronze is my first novel, but I feel I’ve been working on it all my life. It is the first volume of a four book series called The Glister Journals. The second novel, Copper, is available now.

My all-time favorite authors include Jane Austen, C S Lewis, Douglas Adams, and Robin McKinley. Favorite contemporary authors include Leigh Bardugo, Maggie Steifvater, Marissa Meyer, and Louise Penny . In writing, I seem to enjoy exploring emotions and analyzing motivation; why do people do what they do, and what do things really mean? I also like trying to find the funny side of things and admit to being a hopeless romantic.

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