Nome Real
Dianne Johnson
Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
Some of us own all the books selected; some of us borrow from each other or from other friends; others visit the library. If you were a charter member and if you read all the selections, you would have read 75 books starting with "A Virtuous Woman." This month, May/2007, we are reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" as our way of saying goodbye.
Acerca de Mim
We are a group of women who are related through family ties or personal friendships. Some of us met while working in education; some of us met at the neighborhood playground; others have known each other all our lives. We range in age from 38 to 100 years old and from liberal Democrat to staunch Republican. We share our love of books and our fierce discussions of the books we love. We also love to explore exotic foods and have developed the tradition of monthly lunches featuring the cuisine of our book's characters. We began our book club in 1999; two of our charter members have dropped out; we have added new members and lost some old ones. Usually we have about eight members present at our meetings but we have had as few as two. When any two can meet....
782 21st Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Fl 33704
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