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About me: Queer * Writer * Photographer * Recovering ex-Soldier * Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady * She/Her

The books I love: I am a big fan of Fantasy, both high and low. I also read Science Fiction, Biography, Memoir, Dystopian, and Post-Apocalyptic. These genres make up the majority of my library, but I'm never opposed to growing!

My reviews: Though I don't do the long blogging reviews with lots of gifs and gimmicks, I’m well-read and well-versed in many writing styles (I hold an MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder) and leave honest reviews that cover the basics I think folks will want to know before they pick up a book.

Acerca de Mim

I am a queer, disabled veteran living in Trinidad, CO with my six cats and two dogs. I hold an MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder, and my fiction and nonfiction have been published in the Barely South Review, Southeast Missouri State University Press’ Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 7 and Volume 8, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, the Center of the American West, and Waxing & Waning: A Literary Journal.

Trinidad, CO
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