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Jul 7, 2018
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My interests: MlM, FlF, Drarry, Misawa, Sterek, Sheith, Viktuuri, AshEiji, BL, doujin, fanfiction, visual novels, light novels, anime, manga, web novels, comics, webcomics, BTS (I'm an ARMY 💗)

More interests: Diana Wynne Jones, MlM, FlF, Fanfiction, Light Novels, Web Novels, Webcomics, Manga, Angst and sad if there's a HEA or HFN.
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Hi, I'm Nes/Nessa. Born on 91, April 13. Sun ♈, Ascending ♐, Moon ♓.
Sometimes I do quite a bit of "spam" of Want to Read books because I add fanfic to GR, also I tend to forgot to take off the "post this in your page" 😂
I read a lot of MlM, web novels, light novels and fanfic.
I like some comic books, though not as much as manga/other mediums because they change artists and writers which I'm not done. That's why I read more webcomics, manga, and prefer them.
I also read quite a bit of How to Write Better nonfiction to try to improve my writing, and How to Draw Better for my art.

If you're curious about me, here's a few times about me.
My ships are: MiSawa (Ace of Diamond), Drarry (Harry Potter), Sterek (Teen Wolf), Sheith (Voltron), Viktuuri (Yuri on Ice), AshEiji (Banana Fish), Clerith (Final Fantasy 7), VSung (Mystic Messenger),

MY fave MlM books: Rock by Anyta Sunday. (This is still a growing list)

I discovered MlM through BL anime and manga, and I still enjoy them a lot.
My fave BL: Ai no Kusabi, Mirage of Blood, Descendants of Darkness, Crimson Spell, Sex Pistols/Love Pistols, Ze, Elektel Delusion, Hidoku Shinaide (just wait until Maya gets dark hair, that's when it becomes really good). (This is still a growing list)

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☆☆ - okay, but could have been better
☆☆☆ - liked it
☆☆☆☆ - I loved it
☆☆☆☆☆ - it was amazing, blew me away, destroyed My feels
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