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Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
All sorts of stuff I've bought throughout my life, and some I have been given.

Most of my books are in Finnish, about sixty in English and even a few in Swedish. And one in German and one in Italian/Ancient Greek.

I add here only my English books.
Acerca de Mim
I'm a seventeen-year-old Finnish girl who has always loved books and reading. I have a library of about 400 books, most of them in Finnish, about sixty in English and even a few in Swedish, Italian and German.
During next three years, I'm going to develop my skills in Swedish, German, Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek. Hopefully I'll be able to I can easily read books in some of those languages.

My interests include animals, literature, writing and internet/photoshopping:

~I read so much that no one ever believes when I tell them... at least 5-6 books every week. Even more astonishingly, I've been doing this since I was eight. My favourite genres are fantasy, historical novels and fairy tales.

~I write both fact and fiction. Some of my book reviews have been published in newspapers. I hope also to get my fiction, both prose and poetry, published some day. Though so far I've not completed novels. I always get stuck in the first chapters. I'm better with short stories, and at my best I'm while writing poems.

~I've loved the Internet since I first discovered it. Here, online, I get to know the news about my favourite writers and other things I'm interested in, update my blog and read others', share my digital artwork, photography and prose, discuss about interesting things, and, of course, LibraryThing. Oh, and I design and maintain websites of my own. I love HTML and making graphics for web with my deeply loved old, grumpy versions of Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop.

Feel free to comment or anything.

Love ya,
Elen aka Tuulikki
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