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May 22, 2009
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Neil Page
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WW II aviation & military history, Pacific air war, Luftwaffe, RAF, 8th USAAF, Ostfront, Endkampf, and many rare German and French titles.

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German linguist and Luftwaffe specialist. Author of two volumes entitled "Luftwaffe Fighters - Combat on all Fronts" published by Mortons in 2022 and 2023 along with two volumes for Casemate entitled "Day fighter aces of the Luftwaffe" - a history of the Jagdwaffe during WWII - published in 2020. While I make no claim to any particular expertise, I did earn a BA (Hons) in German & French and my translation work has been published by Lela Presse, Kagero, Ian Allan/Crecy Classic Publications, Eagle Editions and Red Kite among others. I translated the personal accounts for the first hardback editions of Theo Boiten's large two volume "Nachtjagd War Diaries" history. I have also translated Erik Mombeeck's JG 2 history ("In the skies of France" Vol I appeared. Nothing else has..) and his two-volume history of Jagdgeschwader 4, entitled "Storming the bombers" (I'm especially proud of the title!) and prepared the English-language texts from French-German source material (translator/proof-reader/contributor) for his 10-volume 'Luftwaffe Gallery' series, including the 'Special Editions' devoted to JG 26, JG 77, JG 54 and JG 5. (And asked for and received very little in return. But just try asking him if you can use any of your 'own' material elsewhere!) Back in 2005 I translated Jean-Yves Lorant's two-volume history of the Luftwaffe's primary 'Defence of the Reich' fighter unit Jagdgeschwader 300, described by Rowan Bayliss writing in his Scale Aircraft Modelling review as " featuring some of the most exciting descriptions of air combat ever written!". I translated (with Jason Mark) Leaping Horseman's well-received " An Infantryman in Stalingrad" (see for 5-star reviews) and prepared an English-language edition of Lodieu's " 45 Tigers en Normandie " (so far unpublished). I was project copy-editor on Classic Publications Bergstrom "Barbarossa" series and Chevron Classic's Me 410 Hornisse. More recently I was English-language translator/editor on the three large and impressive 'Luftwaffe Seaplanes' volumes ('Les hydravions de la Luftwaffe') published by Lela Presse (Volume 3 published in April 2014) and some of my translated pieces appear in Classic Publications (Ian Allan) two volume treatment of the Junkers Ju 88. My feature on Jaguar pilot Alain Mahagne's Desert Storm experiences appeared in the September 2011 issue of Airfix Model World and see the June & July 2014 issues of " Model Aircraft " for my "wilde Sau und Moskito Jagd" feature. At last count I'd translated some seven volumes of Luftwaffe fighter unit histories and have copy editor/translator credits in many Kagero volumes. I translated the extensive English-language captions for JaPo's "German Fighters in the West" (Stipdonk/Meyer) along with Part 5 of the hugely impressive Stipdonk/Meyer "Die Deutsche Luftwaffe - Zerstörer- und Nachtjagdverbände" series published through VDM Heinz Nickel, Zweibrücken, Germany. And not forgetting my contributions to Claes Sundin's 'Profile artwork' books; eg " Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft - Profile book No. 6 " by Claes Sundin

"..The reader must acknowledge that this book is the result of a team effort - I would like to thank my friend Neil Page (FalkeEins) who is well-known for his expertise in this field.." Claes Sundin

" .. Credit must go as well to Neil Page who has produced the translation of the text and has made sure the book is never just a dry account of history as many books are when translated into the English language..." Adam Norenberg, Osprey (review of 'Storming The Bombers, a Chronicle of JG 4' Volume 2 by Eric Mombeeck)

Kent, England
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