Precious Ramotswe (4), The epic story of the passionate Trueba family begins at the turn of the century in South America. (3), NCHS class of 2013. (3), poems (3), is an authentic voice from the vast silence of China's hidden empire. (2), and the impact of his thirst for power on the Chinese people. (2), his relationship with Stalin (2), A portrait of the late Chinese leader refutes a wide variety of myths about Mao and provides facts about the Long March (2), passion and death of civilizations. With an afterward by Milan Kundera. (2), its subject is nothing less than the birth (2), South America. (2), A work of grandeur (2), As the Ottoman empire draws its last breaths (2), becomes the focus of a campaign by American newspaper owner William Randolph Hearst who sends his star reporter (2), imprisoned for revolutionary activities in Cuba in the 1890s (2), Evangelina (2), the imperturbable detective is endangered at home by her fiancé's resentful maid. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information. (2), PI Precious Ramotswe tracks a missing American man whose widowed mother appeals to Ramotswe; meanwhile (2), who describes how he and his family survived the Cultural Revolution in China. (2), Traces the development of primitive societies showing why some groups advanced more rapidly than others and how this progression explains why various populations stabilize at specific phases of development while others continue to evolve. (2), young Halide--who has been given a Western education as well as inherited her mother's ability to commune with the spirits of the dead--struggles with the choice between the traditional world of her mother and the intellectual one of her father (2), Komako (2), Originally published: New York (2), twelve-year-old Nakri and her older sister attempt to maintain their hope as well as their classical dancing skills in the midst of their struggle to survive. 1970s. Cambodia. Southeast Asia. Short book. Easy read. (2), After the Communists take over Cambodia and her family is torn from their city life (2), to a love affair doomed to transience. (2), without illusions (2), who gives herself (2), The story of a geisha (2), soon finding herself in opposition with her sister when political differences escalate to violence. (2), July. (2), a fugitive white family takes refuge with their black servant (2), When war break out in South Africa (2), Originally published: New York : Knopf (2), Originally published: New York : Doubleday (2), Alexander McCall Smith (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) offers the second and third installments of his dignified (2), humorous Botswanan series. In Tears of the Giraffe (2), An autobiography of Da Chen (2), NCHS class of 2013 (2), life (2), politics (2), the human rights group Asia Watch showed that Chinese convict labor products were being illegally exported to the United States.) Wu (2), the American public first learned the dirty secret of China's extensive network of forced labor (laogai) camps. (Earlier (2), When Harry Wu's home videos of the Chinese gulag were shown on 60 Minutes last September (2), and becoming indispensable to Lawrence of Arabia and British intelligence during World War I and in the peace negotiations that followed. (2), biographies (2), writing several popular books about her travels (2), speeches (2), short stories (2), a Victorian woman who sought adventure in Arab lands (2), 1996. Includes bibliographical references and index.Biography of Gertrude Bell (2), finally (2), himself a laogai prisoner for 19 years (2), Karl Decker (2), South Africa. (2), in one stroke. (1), a forensic anthropologist born in Sri Lanka and educated in England and America (1), their union is stopped by a circumstance of his past--a sham marriage he was forced into at the age of seven. (1), Kien Nguyen chronicles the experiences he had growing up in a mixed race family in South Vietnam in the 1970s (1), discussing how he managed to forge his own identity despite his troubled childhood. (1), Reprint. Originally published: c1965.The story of Sundiata (1), who overcame physical handicaps (1), and strong opposition to rule Mali in the thirteenth century. (1), Story of Ma-Chan (1), a young woman in her twenties who struggles with feelings of alienation due to her lack of a close relationship with her father and brother who are totally devoted to their careers. When her father accepts employment overseas she finds herself as head of (1), set in a Nigerian village (1), is a graphic portrayal of life in a polygamous family and the economic and psychological forces that are gnawing at the the institution of polygamy in contemporary Africa. (1), Anil Tissera (1), finds herself in the midst of a complicated mystery when she is sent back to her home country by an international human rights group to discover the source of an organized campaign of murder on the island (1), whom he serves (1), "Shooting an Elephant" is Orwell's searing and painfully honest account of his experience as a police officer in imperial Burma; killing an escaped elephant in front of a crowd 'solely to avoid looking a fool'. The other masterly essays in this collection (1), "How the Poor Die" and "Such (1), Such were the Joys" (1), his memoir of the horrors of public school (1), as well as discussions of Shakespeare (1), boys' weeklies and a spirited defence of English cooking. Opinionated (1), provocative and hugely entertaining (1), all show Orwell's unique ability to get to the heart of any subject. (1), Violet Paz (1), a Chicago high school student (1), reluctantly prepares for her upcoming "quince (1), " a Spanish nickname for the celebration of an Hispanic girl's fifteenth birthday. (1), but even though Tai May returns his love despite his class (1), a young man named Dan is sold into slavery and falls in love with Tai May (1), the mayor's granddaughter (1), on how history shapes personality--and vice versa. The book begins and ends with unexpectedly personal autobiographical sketches of Naipaul: as a boy in Trinidad; as a bright young clerk with a scholarship and a future; as a fledgling writer struggling in (1), and his freedom (1), Jessamy "Jess" Harrison (1), who struggles to rid himself of the influence of his wife's relatives and finally does so by buying a house (1), An autobiography of the fictional Trinidadian title character (1), A young Indian flees his country to escape the war that has claimed his family and settles in a small town in a newly independent African nation. (1), the son of an emperor who finds himself falling in love with women who remind him of the mother he lost in his youth. (1), Translation of an early eleventh-century novel about the life of Japanese nobleman Genji (1), this can really be regarded as fiction only by the most extremely elastic definition. It is in fact a series of extended essays (1), they must come to terms with the tragic death of their best friend. (1), meditations and dramatized historical reconstructions that originally carried the perhaps more fitting subtitle "A Sequence." Naipaul ruminates (1), with all his acute intelligence (1), in a later period (1), Billed by the publisher as Naipaul's first novel since The Enigma of Arrival in 1987 (1), in an unnamed East African country where he reencounters a character from his youth. (1), On the dust-swept trails and mountain passes of Arabia (1), a saddlebag filled with treasure (or is it?) passes from hand to hand--from merchant to thief to bride-to-be to bandit chieftain (1), moneychanger (1), and each learns something important. (1), and corpse. Each character believes he or she knows what is important in life; each seeks out the saddlebag or stumbles across it (1), Nanchu chronicles the experiences she and her family had during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. (1), In a novel based on Chinese Cinderella tales (1), fourteen-year-old stepchild Xing-Xing endures a life of neglect and servitude (1), as her stepmother cruelly mutilates her own child's feet so that she alone might marry well. (1), The lives of five friends take very different directions when the Mau Mau rebellion erupts in colonial Kenya in the 1950s. (1), In early-twentieth-century Vietnam (1), A novel in which the members of a Japanese American family present their unique perspectives on the experience of being forced into an internment camp during World War II. Adult (1), a brother and sister face the increasingly oppressive occupation of Korea by Japan during World War II (1), a racially-mixed child (1), Includes bibliographical references (p. 241-245) and index.Presents over seventy vignettes that provide historical perspectives on aspects of the world economy (1), only to learn Absalom has been accused of murdering white city engineer and social activist Arthur Jarvis and stands very little chance of receiving mercy. (1), Set in contemporary South Africa (1), this novel examines the day-to-day experiences of men and women whose lives reflect the human cost of living under the constraints of apartheid. (1), A fictional account of one woman's journey to find her family and heritage. Capirce won the 1990 David Unaipon Award for unpublished Indigenous writers. (1), Story about the friendship of two young black girls that also explores the wider issues of culture and identity. (1), Doris Pilkington Garimara was born on a traditional birthing ground under the wintamarra tree. This is her life story which follows from her mother's story in Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence. (1), "Now a major motion picture from Miramax Films"--Cover.;Originally published as: Follow the rabbit-proof fence. St. Lucia (1), Qld. : University of Queensland Press (1), 1996.;Includes bibliographical references (p. 136). Presents the true account of three young aboriginal girls who were taken from their homes in Southwestern Australia and brought to the Moore River Native Settlement in 1931 in order to be assimilated int (1), and their desperate struggle across over 1 (1), 000 miles of desert to reach their home. VoiceThread Migration Project. (1), A biography of the Italian traveler who became the first European to cross Asia completely and document his experiences. (1), discussing the world economy before European domination (1), a young white South African police lieutenant must struggle alone against the censure of the intolerant society that refuses to forgive his crime. (1), the origins of international standards and practices (1), the nature and consequences of industrialization and deindustrialization (1), and other topics. (1), Translation of: Hasta no verte (1), Jesus mio. An English translation of Elena Poniatowska's novel "Hasta no vert Jesus mio" (1), which is based on the life of Josefina Borquez (1), a working-class woman whose difficult life spanned important events in early-twentieth-century Mexican history. (1), Old mortality -- Noon wine -- Pale horse (1), pale rider.She was a spirited-looking young woman (1), with dark curly hair cropped and parted on the side (1), a short oval face with straight eyebrows (1), and a large curved mouth. A round white collar rose from the neck of her tightly buttoned black basque (1), Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo travels to Johannesburg on an errand for a friend and to visit his son (1), After violating his country's strictest law governing relationships between the races (1), is growing up feeling that she is caught between two different worlds (1), to create a book illustrated in the Western style (1), until she is sent to visit relatives in Nigeria (1), where she comes face to face with a mysterious new friend. (1), Padden writes about the cultural transference that took place after the European conquest of the New World was completed (1), and conquerors and natives both confronted a new life where European and indigenous customs and institutions merged. (1), From A narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait (1), 1826 / FrederickWilliam Beechey -- From Two years before the mast (1), 1835-36 / Richard Henry Dana (1), Jr. -- From An overland journey around the world (1), 1841-42 / Sir George Simpson -- From What I saw in California / Edwin Bryant -- Reminiscences of early San Francisco (1), 1847-48 / Edward Kemble. Contains twelve eyewitness accounts that provide descriptions of California in the years between the founding of the first mission in 1769 to the gold rush of 1848 that transformed the state. (1), Translation of: Benim ad¸m K¸rm¸z¸ Several voices narrate this stylistic murder mystery and love story in which a sixteenth-century sultan in Istanbul orders a noted artist (1), Enishte Effendi (1), which is considered blasphemous in the Islamic world--a dangerous assignment that results in the mysterious death of one of Enishte's chosen gilders. (1), which threatens to suppress Korean culture entirely. Text mainly in English with some Korean characters. (1), In 1940s Japan-occupied Korea (1), a poor young man named Sei-Young Shin meets his future love (1), Heisook Pang (1), the daughter of a prominent northern minister (1), when she escapes to the south in the face of Communist encroachment. Young Adult World War II (1), Korea. Short book. Easy read. (1), Tree-ear (1), a thirteen-year-old orphan in medieval Korea (1), lives under a bridge in a potters' village (1), and longs to learn how to throw the delicate celadon ceramics himself.12th century Korea.Short book. Easy read. (1), Includes bibliographical references (p. 197-199). With national pride and occasional fear (1), is devoted to Naoko (1), but before they can find true love with one another (1), Paris (1), a young college student in Tokyo (1), and personal tragedies intrude. (1), author David Liss once again travels back in time to a crucial moment in cultural and financial history. His destination: Amsterdam (1), 1659—a mysterious world of trade populated by schemers and rogues (1), where deception rules the day. (1), An expose of the violence and hardships of twenty million children across the globe who have been orphaned (1), or injured by war (1), and poverty. (1), Presents personal stories describing the Chinese experience during the last half of the century. (1), Three Chinese youngsters (1), Steel Hope (1), his bookmate Mountain Pine (1), and Firecrackers (1), a gravekeeper's daughter (1), vow to remain true to each other and their country--a promise that becomes impossible to keep as war (1), Translation of: Leon (1), a young man growing up in China in the 1950s during the Great Cultural Revolution. (1), l'Africain. Leo Africanus writes to his son about the people he met (1), the places he visited (1), and the experiences he had as he traveled throughout the world from 1488 to 1527. (1), Translated from the French. Mani (1), a prophet born in Mesopotamia in the early third century (1), advocates "The Gospel of Light (1), " a religious system which is a mix of Gnostic Christian beliefs (1), ancient Persian Zoroastrianism (1), and pagan elements. (1), Presents more than eighty poems and an essay by English writer Mairi MacInnes (1), many collected from her previous works (1), including "Herring (1), Milk & Salt." (1), Includes bibliographical references (p. [387]-389).The Edgar Award–winning novel A Conspiracy of Paper was one of the most acclaimed debuts of 2000. In his richly suspenseful second novel (1), Includes index. Contains the autobiography of Liang Heng (1), Includes bibliographical references (p. xxiv-xxv). Palace walk -- Palace of desire -- Sugar street. Presents a one-volume edition of the three novels in the Cairo Trilogy which follows three generations of the family of Muslim patriarch Al-Sayyid Ahmad Ab (1), economic (1), government (1), plays (1), Asia (1), famine (1), pilgrim (1), dervish (1), priest (1), Sudan (1), uncompromising (1), upheaval (1), Absalom (1), Oatmeal (1), slave (1), cultural (1), in an attempt to explain how the rift between the two developed from the fifteenth century through the twenty-first. (1), political (1), World War II (1), essays (1), This novel (1), Yasunari Kawabata (1), Turkey (1), Buddhism (1), social disgrace (1), sleeping rough (1), including novels (1), and plays (1), descendents (1), Nuanced (1), A novel based upon the murder of Fulbright scholar Amy Elizabeth Biehl in which the fictitious mother of the killer examines the life and world of her son in the black township of Guguletu (1), Follows the stories of Gabalawi (1), Translation of: Noruwei no mori. Toru (1), providing background on the setting of each work and the time in which it was produced. Includes a chronology (1), finds herself with multiple mysteries on her hands (1), not the least of which is the failure of her assistant Grace Makutsi's fiance to show up for his and Grace's regular dinner date. (1), Detective Precious Ramotswe has her hands full with her assistant's resignation (1), as well as a set of cases involving unexplained deaths at a nearby hospital (1), woman of Chinese (1), and African descent. (1), culture (1), 1994. -Includes bibliographical references (p. [253]-259) and index. -Discusses the failure of many of the economic aid projects to Darfur (1), and argues that aid should be stopped to allow the country's economic evolution to proceed at its own pace. (1), Includes bibliographical references and index. Profiles fifty African literary works (1), providing background on the time and place in which each work is set and in which it was produced. Also includes an extensive chronology of relevant events. (1), Includes bibliographical references and index. Profiles fifty British and Irish literary works of various genres (1), from the time of the Celtic migrations through the nineteenth-century Reform Bill (1), Profiles forty-two classical literary works (1), and a visitor bearing secrets from the past. (1), describing their historical contexts and discussing the social (1), and psychological issues with which they deal. (1), a summary of the plot or contents (1), discussing how each work reflects the coutry's social structure (1), and prevalent issues. (1), Includes bibliographical references and index. Profiles notable works from Latin American literature and discusses how they were influenced by specific historical events. (1), Includes bibliographical references and index. Profiles more than fifty British and Irish literary works--including novels (1), and essays--from 1837 through the end of the twentieth century (1), examining the historical periods in which the works are set and in which they were produced. (1), Translation of: De la part de la princesse morte. The story of Princess Selma (1), the granddaughter of Mourad V (1), the last in a line of sultans who had ruled Turkey for six centuries. World War I (1), Europe. Mature content. (1), owner of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana (1), the desertion of one of her husband's apprentices (1), his sons (1), An unassuming London piano tuner enters a dangerous (1), and rivals who live out their lives in an Egyptian alley in surprising parallels with their ancient ancestors. (1), Translation of: Zuqåaq al-Midaqq. A strange group of characters try to escape the poor life they lead in a seedy back alley in Cairo. (1), Gunga (1), a modern Indian woman (1), seeks the opportunity to make her own life choices while discovering some uncomfortable truths about her family. (1), After seven years of living in the United States (1), Priya Rao has run out of excuses for not returning to her native India (1), so she returns home (1), knowing that her parents will be disappointed in the choices she has made. (1), As a victim of a landmine and a child of war-torn Mozambique (1), Sophia turns to a village elder for advice and soon finds ways to cope with her difficult circumstances in order to grow into a person with great strength and determination. (1), A traditional peasant woman in early twentieth-century India struggles with poverty and the changes arriving in her agrarian village (1), particularly the tanning factory that takes her son's life. (1), exotic world when he is sent by the British War Office to the Burmese jungle to repair a peace-keeping army surgeon-major's grand piano. (1), the mysterious appearance of a pumpkin (1), An adventure story and a deeply considered meditation upon the sea itself. (1), A collection of short stories from around the world including works by such authors as Valentin Rasputin (1), and Toni Cade Bambara. (1), Private investigator Precious Ramotswe attempts to find out who poisoned the brother of an important government official in Botswana (1), while probing the moral integrity of a group of beauty contestants (1), and worrying about money and her fiance's health. (1), Botswanan detective Precious Ramotswe and her assistant open an adjunct business--a men's typing school--which helps Mma Makutsi find a man and also helps financially when some arrogant investigative competition arrives in town; meanwhile (1), Precious's adopted son hits puberty at full speed. (1), owner of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Botswana (1), wonders about the direction of her relationship with her boyfriend (1), while investigating the suitors of a wealthy entrepreneur in an attempt to determine whether they are after the woman's heart or her money. (1), owner of Botswana's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (1), finds herself beset with problems with a strange intruder in her house (1), Originally published: London ; New York : British Academic Press (1)
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New Canaan High School Library Media Center
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New Canaan High School is a public school in New Canaan, CT, just 45 mile northeast of New York City. Student population is 1,235. Ninety-two percent of NCHS students go on to four-year colleges after graduation. The library media center has approximately 18,000 hard-copy books, 600 eBooks, 800 visual materials, 300 audio materials, and subscribes to 50 periodicals and 25 databases, though students have access to 69 databases. Students have access to 30 computers in the media center, as long as they have not been reserved by classroom teachers. The library also has two computer labs, each equipped with 25 work stations. These too are frequently reserved by classroom teachers for instructional purposes. The high school completed a major renovation project in 2007. The library renovation occurred in four phases over a three year period.
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This is a special collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction offered by the New Canaan High School Library. Students will find this collection emphasizes experiences and literature from non-western cultures. It is called the NCHS Global Awareness collection.

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