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Still in the process of entering all my books - I suspect I probably have close to 2,000. I tend to collect everything I can by my favourite authors. Specialties include cricket, history, and neglected English novelists. I am only entering those I actually own at the moment.
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I am a book lover, book collector and published author. I was fortunate to grow up in a house without TV and thus became a voracious reader at an early age. I have probably read about 10,000 books in total. One of my problems now is finding enjoyable new things to read, and I frequently re-read my favourite books - the "Alexandria Quartet" being a good example.

I have written a new Mapp and Lucia book, "Major Benjy", which was featured at last year's Sunday Times Literary Festival in Oxford, where I was invited as a speaker. I have also written the first two volumes of a narrative history of the Plantagenets, the first volume of which was nominated for a Royal Society of Literature prize and is currently awaiting publication.

I have written various books on different aspects of investment for the Wiley Finance series, one of which has been constantly in the Amazon best-seller lists since publication, frequently at number one.

I have a book blog, "Pursewarden", to which you will find a link here. Please take a look and see what you think - all suggestions gratefully received.

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