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Sobre mimThe Highland Christian Schools Trust was set up in 1995 to promote Christian Education in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It aimed to see a return to Christian morals, scriptural teaching, discipline, catechising and an understanding of God's work in Creation and Providence in a Christian School situation.

It has extended its work to support Christian home-schoolers of whom there are a growing number in the Highlands and Islands.

The Trust produced a regular periodical, Education Witness, and held public meetings to raise the profile of Christian Education in the north of Scotland.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaThe Highland Christian Schools Trust Library seeks to support Christ-centred Biblically based training and education of children in the home, church and school.
We have over 2,000 items including audio visual material.
We have:
- Christian reading books for children - Bible stories and Teaching, Biographies, Classics, Fiction, Beginner Readers
- Family Section - Marriage, Parenting, Guidance for Young People
- Christian Education book and Information
- Curriculum Books in School Subjects - History, Church History, Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Art, Craft, Music, Sport
- Home School Curricula - A Beka, Christian Liberty Press, Bob Jones, Rod and Staff, Alpha Omega, Apologia Science

Some categories/tags in the library are
(A) Audiovisual - A1(CD ROMs) A2(DVDs) A3(Videos) A4(CDs) A5(tapes)
(B) Bible - B1(aids) B2(Bible) B3(teaching Bible) B4(curricula)
(C) Christian Education - C1(rationale) C2(school) C3(homeschool)
(F) Family - F2(marriage) F3-F5(parenting) F6(young people)
(H) History - H1(history) H2(church history) HB(biographies A-Z eg HB - L, Luther)
(L) Language/Literature - L1(Biblical perspective) L2(reading) L3(writing) LF(fiction) LO(Other languages eg LO-G, German)
(M) Maths - M1(maths) M2(economics, managing money)
(S) Science - S1(Biblical perspective) S2(general) S3(curricula) S4(creation/flood) S5(biology) S6(chemistry) S7(physics) S8(geology,geography) S9(astronomy) S10(technology/computer)
(P) Periodicals (T) Art/Crafts (U) Music (V) Sport

There is a search facility at the top of each page of the catalogue. For further help in searching the library or to enquire about titles which may not have been catalogued yet please email us. A complete and more detailed breakdown of categories can be requested by email.
Books marked 'Box loan only' make up 10 boxes with a selection of books suitable for ages from pre-school to teenage. These are available for free loan by local children's groups such as Sunday Schools.

If you are based in the UK we offer a postal loan service. Email us for more details and conditions.


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Nome realHighland Christian Schools Trust

LocalizaçãoInverness, Scotland

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Membro desdeMay 9, 2008

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