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The Pony and the Haunted Barn por Jeanne Betancourt

How I Trained My Colt por Sandy Rabinowitz

The Truth About Unicorns por James Cross Giblin

Uh-Oh: Some Observations from Both Sides of the Refrigerator Door por Robert Fulghum

Making Out: The Book of Lesbian Sex and Sexuality por Zoe Schramm-Evans

Matilda por Roald Dahl

April Fool! por Francine Pascal

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Membro: Heather19

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Sobre mim

I'm a 32-year-old lesbian, unpublished author, Bipolar, with a dream of someday owning a sanctuary for abused/unwanted/hurt animals of all kinds. Right now, however, I'm just trying to keep my head above water in this crazy game of life.

I love books, all kinda of books. I'm particularly attached to YA books, books that are technically below my reading level but are so good that I can't be bothered to think about that fact (ie Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley, etc). I have many random books but I've realized I don't usually buy random books unless someone has recommended it or it's on a subject I completely love. I usually stick with my tried-and-true authors and series.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaWhile this catalogue started out only for books I actually own, I quickly became pulled in to the point where it now includes all the books I own (including To Be Read books), my favorite library books, plus books I read and liked but no longer have (including children's books and books from school).

One of my favorite things about my catalogue is that it keeps getting bigger, and sometimes in unexpected ways. It keeps growing and growing, and a lot of that is because of surfing around the site and finding books that I'd forgotten about that I'd read years ago!

Explanation of some of my tags:

"don't know where or when I read it" ... Mainly self-explanatory. I've come across a few books that I *know* I've read, I remember them very well, but I don't own them and they aren't in my list of given-away books, and I can't remember if they were library books.

"special memories" is kind of self-explanatory as well. It mostly refers to books from my past, teen or childrens books, that have for whatever reason made a big impact on me.

"influenced my stories": I'm an amature (read: unpublished) author, and there are some books that have heavily influenced the way I write, the things I write about, ideas for scenes, etc.

"read as a child": At first I used this tag vaguely, and it's been applied to stuff I read when I was 5 years old, AND when I was 15. I've tried to narrow down the definition, though, and now it (hopefully?) means books that I read while in grade school. ... Not saying there won't be mistake/exceptions.

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