Meh (2), Exactly what I thought STEM-romance would be and exactly what it needed to be (2), DNF'ed (2), adorable (1), but it was still a good book (1), Im aware it gets better (1), Solid Sarah J Mass experience (1), solidly excellent (1), Unnecessary to the plot? -> Yes Necessary for my soul -> yes (1), which was 5 starts before I read the second one (1), Also amazing (1), Not the easiest to read (1), The original (1), ship had already sailed (1), Also pretty good (1), kinda bad if I am going to be honest. (1), Tis a classic (1), Great little greek god situation (1), The plot is thickening! (1), gets good at the end tho (1), lots of plot dumping (1), Good beginner fantasy about witches! (1), Everyone who exists on this planet should read this book. It is perfection in a novel. (1), An amazing book that deals with subjects most humans are uncomfy talking about (1), in a way that will make you cry for days (1), I was a tad disappointed. I think Klune was really trying to be more humorous than his last book and it came off as forced. He has set a high bar for himself (1), and this one just didn't reach it. The book itself felt rushed (1), Excellent fantasy novel (1), I need to read the next one (1), Its a very good young adult series (1), Not a bad fantasy novel (1), however I will not be continuing the series (1), Pretty good! Definitely a spicy novel (1), I have tried to read this 3 times and I cannot get into it. I will try again someday (1), An adorable fantasy novel (1), Not as good beginner fantasy (1), not much of a plot twist if you see it coming from a mile away (1), Definitely not as good as the first one (1), Excellent (1), dnf'ed (1), writing not great (1), phycological thriller (1), Not great (1), Perfection (1), Long (1), Very good (1), Odd writing style (1), Romance (1), witches! (1), Honestly (1), writers (1), no plot (1), fantasy war (1), Really stupid Christmas Romance Novel that does exactly what I wanted it to do (1), Romantasy through and through (1), chaotic (1), literally no plot (1), plot was slow (1), Twas just ok (1), An adorable book that will make you laugh and cry (1), hooked for book two (1), a fairly decent fantasy with some romance (1), Adult version of the hunger games but with vampires (1), Very decent dark-academia novel (1), First one was better (1), She is the Margaret Atwood (1), adorable story of growing up (1), Halloween vibes (1), gave me the heebie-jeebies (1), honestly not a great read (1), plot was non-existent (1), Exactly what you want a witch-Halloween romance to be (1)
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