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I lost my library at the end of 2013. I had to move quickly from my home in North Carolina to my daughter's home in Florida because of illness. Once my daughter and son-in-law got here they had a day and a half to pack as much of my stuff as possible into the trunk of their car and dispose of the remainder of my belongings. My books went to the Friends of the Library. So now I'm starting fresh.

I don't have a lot of room for books here, so I'm buying popular fiction and anything else I think I'm only going to read once as ebooks. I'm restarting my Library of America collection and buying good quality copies of my favorite classics and some gardening books and cookbooks as print books. It's hard to believe that in less than a year my collection has grown to over 600 volumes.
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I'm a semi-retired writer and avid reader. In my retirement, I intend to shift the focus of my reading. Instead of primarily nonfiction and classics, I'm reading mostly popular fiction.

"If you try, if you have a profound willingness to let yourself go completely you can enter the mind of another person. It takes a certain habit of thought, honed by many years of reading in the way I read, that immersion in books, so that they are not so much inside your head; rather, as if they are a dream, you are inside them."

--The Clothes On Their Backs by Linda Grant

Pensacola, Florida
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