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Jul 23, 2006
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John Robert Mead
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It used to be much larger in regard to physical volumes. I'd built up quite the reference library, as well as extensive holdings of SF, Fantasy, and YA/Children's Fiction. Space constraints tied in with moving in with relatives put the kabosh on all of that.

A lot of what's listed here in regard to physical volumes, I don't actually still have.
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SWHetM (blah blah woof woof)

SCA: Joined in 1977, with a break 1998-early 2013; OK, I'm inactive again. (Ian Jameson)
SF Fandom: Joined 1979, inactive since 1998.
MLS UArizona 1988, Chicago Public Library 1988-1994, Oregon Historical Society Library 1994-2000, some regional on-call 2001-2003ish
HAM Tech-class license April 2001, inactive

Not horribly active in anything these days, combination of various infirmities. If it weren't for my being innately cheerful I'd really be depressed, as it is a certain level of depression is unavoidable. So I read silly books, and feel better. I spend way too much time sitting in front of my computer.
Olympia, Washington
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