Apr 1, 2022
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Jeremy Lavergne; this is my first book, second out next year
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Rated 4/5 stars and 5/5 stars, nothing less. Specific review under book cover and title was written by Cher432 on among others. I am sending it here;

God Hates You; the experiment and your purpose explained by Jeremy Lavergne is a book about man’s and woman's relationship with God. In this book, the author makes a bold claim that God hates humanity. The author delves into scripture-the bible and the 41 books taken out of the bible by religious sects for controlling purposes, the quran, dead sea scrolls and reality to support his claims. He goes into detail about how there are many things wrong with the world, which has led him to believe that God has set up humanity to fail. The author also talks about Satan, human beings, and the reality that human beings face while dealing with all these entities. The book is divided into thirty chapters, which the author refers to as days and stages.

I was intrigued by how pessimistic the author was. Giving an example, the author talks of his view that life on earth is just a trial period for the place we will spend eternity in, implying it is meaningless. He also states that this life is God’s will and everything bad that happens is predestined, so why even try? This is interesting, as there is an aspect of nihilism, although the author clearly believes in God’s existence. It is rare to find someone who has such a cynical view. This motivated me to read the book because I wanted to find out why the author was so pessimistic.

I was fascinated by the idea that both Yahweh and Satan play with your life. The author refers to Job’s story as an example, and this resonated with me. This was an interesting point, and it made me look at God in a new light. This point will definitely be uncomfortable for some people, but I think it is upon the readers to make peace with it. The author made a really good point with this and I am intrigued as to how a religious person can counter this point.

It was a really interesting book. I would recommend it to people who like philosophy and thinking about man’s relationship with God. I can guarantee that the reader will never be bored

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I am the author of this BRAND NEW Book; God Hates You; the experiment and your purpose explained by Jeremy Lavergne. This is a book like no other you will or have ever witnessed. We are here on this planet; for a limited amount of time-(age) and resources-(money). Available on any online bookstore in every language, you can handle the truth! how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Synopsis: Which God do you worship; religion, rituals, cult, denomination, study of theology or beliefs do you have? Why do you participate in all these different items when there is only one creator? And God, I get it. If you do not want to love us, then do not love us. We do not want to force you to do anything you do not want to do. The truth, that this life we individually live is just a game, an experiment gone horribly wrong, and as human beings, we were never afforded the chance to say, NO, I never desired this.

(KJV)-Ephesians ch 6, v 12 is one of the most mis-understood verses; “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers over this present darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Your Gods-God Yahweh-the true creator and ruler that holds the power of all things resides in heaven and god satan-(lucifer)-the devil was thrown out, so he is not in heaven: how simple is this to see in this verse that you battle against God Yahweh-your creator and not god satan and fellow humans. You are the mortal God-human, and these three gods never got along. Satan cannot do anything to you without Yahweh’s permission. Everyone here on earth is hurting, and wasting away: and who is really to blame for these cruel, useless and unjust punishments? You may act as if you are better off than the next person, but you are not: I know better. You never create something that you cannot control, and Yahweh cannot control you. This is the spiritual being that claims to love you, but the physical world and your reality tell a very, very different story.

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