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Sobre mimAfter much consideration, how I view the star rating systems:

1 -- This was really not my cup of tea. It's probably wonderful for someone with the taste for it, but it really struck a bad chord with me. I expect to use this as rarely as putting 5s on things.

2 -- This was not quite my cup of tea. There were things I enjoyed about it and things I really didn't care for very much. However, f you like this type of thing it may very well work for you.

3 -- This is a perfectly good rating for me. This is a "Hey, go pick this up you're not going to regret adding it to your shelf if you like the themes in it" recommendation. It just didn't have that extra thing that put me over into 4 stars.

4 -- Where a lot of my reviews will probably fall because of how I've always selected what I read for unique and diverse voices. This is a "You're really going to like this if you like the themes in it" and/or "Wow... this had some fantastic elements in it that really spoke to me. I'm really glad I read this." It just didn't quite have that extra something that pushed it to 5.

5 -- I really want to use this quite sparingly for the books that I simply could not put down. A lot of 4 star books fall in that category but 5 means I really loved it. I loved the authors voice, I loved the writing style, I loved the characters, and I really want more and want to tell the world about it because even if it may not be your cup of tea, chances are, if any of the themes speak to you at all, you're going to love it too. And even if they don't, you should really give it a try.

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