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This library is a start, but it is by no means complete. Most books in my house, including many I consider favourites such as all my Gordon Korman and Tamora Pierce novels, are not catalogued here because they are not truly my own. My older sister technically 'owns' most of the books I've read because she got to them a few years ahead of me, and so they are catalogued as hers right now.
Acerca de Mim
I'm studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, but mostly enjoy reading fictional novels or at least happy non-fictional ones. Eventually I will get around to cataloguing books as I read them rather than just my childhood books that this library is filled with at the moment. I'm adding my textbooks as I buy them because they are more representative of my current reading than old kid's books.

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it." - Joseph Joubert
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