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The Elements of Style por William Jr. Strunk

Revolution at the Roots: Making Our Government Smaller, Better and Closer to Home por William D. Eggers

Guide Specifications for Structural Design of Sound Barriers por American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

An Evaluation of the Vane Shear Test in Louisiana por Ara Arman

Evaluation of Interior and Exterior Latex Paints por David G. Azar

Transportation Research Record, volumes 1696-1740, 2000 series. por National Research Council (U.S.).; Transportation Research Board

An Investigation for the Determination of the Feasibility of Shallow Seismic Subsurface Exploration por H. A. Kallsen

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Sobre mimLTRC = Louisiana Transportation Research Center
TTEC (pronounced T-Tech) = Transportation Training and Education Center

LTRC is sponsored jointly by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and by Louisiana State University.
"LTRC's goal is to merge the resources of state government and universities to identify, develop, and implement new technology to improve the state's transportation system. LTRC combines the efforts of DOTD and the state's universities to find innovative solutions to Louisiana's transportation problems."

I'm Sandy Brady, the librarian at the LTRC - TTEC Library. I worked in the reference department of Middleton Library, the main library here on LSU’s campus, for almost 12 years. All of those years gave me extensive experience helping people with research on just about every topic, including transportation. I will admit it is not my strongest subject area, but I am learning, and have an extensive network of people I can call on for help if need be.

My personal LibraryThing catalog is here -

Sobre a minha bibliotecaUntil recently, publications have been housed on open shelves in the LTRC halls, in storage buildings, and hiding in offices and workrooms. When the TTEC building was designed and built, a space was included for a Library! Gradually all of those scattered materials are being moved into the library so that things can actually be found and used.

While I work on setting up a permanent catalog I’m using LibraryThing to make organizing and accessing these books a little easier. Starting with a large collection of management and training materials donated to the Library, I’m adding a few items every day. The catalog is growing, but it will take some time for everything to be included :)


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