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You'll notice that I have a penchant for certain authors. Once I find a style of writing that I like I tend to want to backtrack my way through that authors career. Hence my growing collection of same author books. It's not that I am adverse to trying new things, it's just that those I favor are very prolific and it's all I can do to keep up with their works. Occasionally I will find myself growing weary and the author will seem somewhat stale and it is then that the search for new worlds is on. Hence the growing number of unread books in my library. ;)

About my reviews: When I give a review I don't like to go into specific details about a novel. That seems like cheating and possibly spoiling it for others. I figure if you want details about the book you're interested in reading then you'll read the jacket.

About my ratings:

No rating would mainly imply that I have not yet read this novel or that I have read the book, but don't remember enough of it to give it a fair review.

1 = DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! This book is complete crap!

2 = Neither good nor bad. Mostly indifferent. Will not get read again.

3 = A challenging read. It kept my interest enough to finish the book, but it was a struggle and probably won't get read again.

4 = An entertaining read that I enjoyed, but am not likely to read again.

5 = EXCELLENT - By all means a must read again book.

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My name is Lisa and I love to read.
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