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Larisa A. White
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My child's special educational needs required that I carefully curate a private home library. He needed to be able to "control the spigot" for his own learning (he devours books far faster than I could possibly pre-read them), and I needed to ensure that any book he picked up was both sufficiently challenging for his academic needs in the moment, and gentle enough for his highly sensitive temperament and young age.

He and I have decided to catalogue the contents of our library here, along with brief descriptions and warning labels for the books, so that other families facing similar challenges might benefit from our prior work. PLEASE NOTE: this is still a work in progress. We will add more books, and fill in the missing descriptions and tags, over time. So, please check back.

If a book in our library contains the "Gentle" tag, it means that both mother and son are certain that there is no significant physical or emotional violence perpetrated in the book, and that there is nothing in the book scary enough to give a child nightmares.

The "Read-Aloud!" label says what it means -- the language in these books is so delicious, that that they truly merit reading aloud, with all the character voices dramatically rendered. Preferably with friends, and a beverage in hand.

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I am an independent scholar and author, and the homeschool educator of one profoundly gifted child.

My background in education includes an M.S. in Education, and a Ph.D. in educational evaluation and assessment. Before embarking on my homeschooling journey, I spent 20 years teaching at the secondary and university levels, designing curricula, and working as an educational program evaluation consultant.

Once the need for homeschooling became clear, I put that experience to work for our family, and founded the California private school, Quercus Academy, to serve my son's educational needs. However, I am only one person, and there are only so many hours in a person-day.

Hence this library.
Belmont, CA
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