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Sobre mimI am Autistic. I was diagnosed at 27. I am now 35 years old. I also struggle with Depression, Anxiety and ADHD. I was one time misdiagnosed as bipolar and given wellbutrin that ended up giving me three grand mal seizures before I stopped taking it. I am on good meds now though. I am currently employed, and living with my Mom and father in the basement of the house I grew-up inside of. My father is an alcoholic and this makes things especially difficult. He is unemployed and I have my bike to get around. I was living in greater Minnesota when I was diagnosed; where there is no help for Autistic Adults. I have tried college four times without success. My anxiety severely affects my appetite. I love to read, mostly nonfiction, and my life is an open book. Ask me anything and I will give you the best honest answer I can. If I do not know the answer to something, just give me time so I can research it and get back to you. I am an INFJ and my Spiritual Gifts are Teaching, Knowledge and Helping. I have undiagnosed Dysgraphia. I am a Messianic Jew who keeps Scripturally Kosher ( basically no pork/shellfish, you would be surprised how much flack I get for not eating these two things! ), the Sabbath and the rest of the Festivals, Feasts and Fasts mentioned in Leviticus chapter 23. I am a Transgender Woman who struggles with Gender Dysphoria ( I am male who wants to be a woman, desperately; I am still undecided as to whether I want to transition or not ). I hate fluorescent lights with a strong passion! I have a blackout curtain for my bedroom just so I can sleep at night and I take melatonin. I prefer to go by Lucy or Lucas. I am heavily involved with the Autism Society of Minnesota ( AuSM ) and Autism Works. I have been a ParaEducator and Personal Care Assistant for autistic children in the past. I love to swim. I have a wonderful therapy kitty, Baddle, who is grey and has a lovely little white dot on top of her head that I call her "angel kiss." I live with three cats and she is the smallest and most cuddly of them all. I have been married and divorced. I have no problem talking about that "little adventure," but I simply do not have time to type about it right now. If you want to know anything else about me, Just Ask! :-)

Ps. I think I will start writing for the Blog soon! They are just starting one. So become a member and write for it too!

This is what distinguishes messianic believers from both Judaism and Christianity. Judaism believes in the G~d of Abraham but rejects Messiah Yeshua. Christianity believes in Yeshua and ignores the G~d of Abraham. Messianics believe in the G~d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They also believe in Messiah Yeshua as the fulfillment of the promises made to the fathers. For them, G~D does not change. There are no disputes with the testimony nor different dispensations nor old and new divisions. ~Monte Judah Founder, Director, and Editor "Yavoh : He is coming!" december 2011: vol.17 no. 12 Lion and Lamb Ministries

what is there to write?.....I am much more fond of discussing the connections between Judaism and xianity or ch_rch-ianity.

I have abandoned the faith of the majority culture for the Truth of Yahushua HaMashiach (Yeshua the Messiah). I have returned to the ways of old and am now sucking the sap and the marrow from my misplaced Hebrew Roots. How can someone say they have truly lived unless they have experienced a Passover Seder with Yeshua as the Afikoman, And The Cup of Redemption as His Blood for the ratification of the New Covenant?

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Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers por Rachelle Rogers Knight
So, Why Didn't They Tell Me That in Church? por S. Michael Owens
Top-o-nym-i-ty : an atlas of words por John Bemelmans Marciano
Thesaurus of humor por Mildred Meiers
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