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In 2013 i have written two novels- Body Language and Bad Form. Both are Glasgow gangland sixties/ seventies murder mysteries with authentic Glasgow street dialogue. I know that to be true. I lived through it! I have just started my third novel
I have also written five short story collections and numerous single short storiesr
Acerca de Mim
My name is Liam Leddy. In 2002 I fulfilled a lifelong dream and completed my first short story Face Value. I had a pen, some paper a completed short story and a desire to write. The desire to write i believe had been there from early childhood when I won an essay competition at my primary school. At 64 years of age I still possess that child like fascination with writing. And reading. I read voraciously. Always have done. Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke, Stephen King, Jonathan Kellerman, Roald Dahl, Saki and so on and on. My list of favourite fiction writers is very long indeed. oh and a chap called Charles Dickens who we know started out with short stories. writing as Boz. I loved the old short story anthologies they did so well in the sixties and seventies. Alfred Hitchcock`s Mystery Magazine, Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Tales from the Crypt, The Twilight Zone.
You may gather I write tales and novels with lots of twists, turns and surprise endings. I write what I love to read.
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