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A peripatetic life until about 20 years ago when I finally married and settled down means many of the books I read in high school and as an undergraduate are not in our home library. My books reflect the above mentioned interests as well as history, film, music and fiction. Only a few medicine texts as most of my job related reading is on-line. I don't have the time or energy to catalog my wife's books- she has twice the number of books I have. She has a large cookbook, art and fiction collection.
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Walter Mosley, speaking through Easy Rawlins,(one of my favorite fiction characters- I grew up in So. Central LA and still remember most of the locations mentioned in the novels) noted that folks of modest means don't have the option of being specialists. This along with a lifelong love of learning and reading had something to do with my being a Family Physician. The generalist bent also resulted in my being a woodworker/carpenter, photographer, bicyclist and gym rat as well.
Salem, OR
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Livrarias: City Lights Books, Hennessey + Ingalls - Art & Architecture Books, Powell's City of Books (Portland), Shakespeare and Company (Paris), The Book Bin, The Last Bookstore

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