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Mary Jean Adams

Mary Jean Adams é um Autor LibraryThing, um autor que lista a sua biblioteca pessoal no LibraryThing.

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Sobre mimFreelance writer and marketing consultant by day. Author of American Historical Romance with a definite patriotic flair by night - and some afternoons.

OK, so that's what it says on my Twitter profile. Now here's the rest of the story. I've morphed from a marketing consultant into a freelance writer - a job that I never realized was my dream job until I started doing it. I do a ton of ghostwriting for execs who don't have the time (or sometimes the talent) to write their own materials, e.g. blog posts. Sometimes I tell people my day job is to do "executive impersonations." I should probably quit saying that because very few people seem to get it.

I have loved romance novels since the 7th grade -although I must admit to going through extended periods of denial. I still can't openly read a romance novel on a flight unless it doesn't look like a romance novel. That's one of the reasons I always ask for my covers to include clothed heroes.

I tried my hand at submitting to a publisher when I was in my mid-20s. We barely had email back then so self-publishing was unheard of unless you threw good money after bad and went the "vanity press" route. I gave it up when I had kids, but then after two layoffs in the late 2000s, I started my own business. I decided as long as I was going to spend my days putting words on a page I might as well try my hand at writing a novel again.

I chose to submit my first work to The Wild Rose Press because they were starting a line called American Heroes that specifically focused on military heroes and heroines. My first novel, Le Chevalier is set during the American Revolution, so I decided it was fate.

As luck (or my newbie talent) would have it, the novel got turned down. However, the editor was very specific as to why. (Thank you!) You have to have a pretty thick skin if you send your days writing for other people, so I'm pretty comfortable receiving constructive criticism. I fixed the problems she pointed out, resubmitted and viola! Le Chevalier was accepted and was published on July 4th, 2012 — a really great release date given the setting.

Since then, I've published two more American Historical Romances with The Wild Rose Press: Caution to the Wind (2013) and Willing Love (2015). Each time, I've had different editor who has helped me hone different aspects of my story-telling and prose style. I like to think that my stories are getting better and better.

As I write this, I really should be submitting my 4th novel. While I don't write series, this one reprises two characters from my other novels: Neil, the heroine's younger brother in Caution to the Wind, and Christiana, the youngest sibling of the hero in Le Chevalier. The story starts out in France during the French Revolution so it's a little later setting than my other stories.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaI tend to read two types of books: romance and non-fiction history. While I love to read other genres, there just isn't enough time in the day to really give in to my impulses as much as I might like.

I love to review the books I read, so long as I can give the work at least 3 stars. I guess I took to heart the old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." More than anything, the one thing that will make me todd a book aside is poor editing.

GruposAmerican History, American Revolution & Founding Fathers History, Historical Fiction, History: On learning from and writing history, Hobnob with Authors, Romance - from historical to contemporary

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