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Melanie Coldwell
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Currently getting back into taking time to read. I really enjoy non fiction, the occasional romance, and recently really working on my Spanish by reading bilingual books.

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I have lived in Maine, USA my whole life. In 2022 I had an opportunity to change my life. That is to move out of state to Texas. Once the opportunity popped up everything else just kind of aligned to make it difficult to say no. I knew if I didn’t take advantage of it I may never leave my life in Maine where I had become very stagnant. So fast forward. I have currently been living in Austin, TX for almost a year and a half. Although at first it was terrifying I am so completely grateful that I mustered the courage to move south. I am loving it. Now that I am more established in Texas I am trying to take the time to get back into reading and enjoying the journey.

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Livrarias: Big Chicken Barn Books, Bull Moose - Bangor

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