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This is not a complete representation of the NLC's collection. It only goes as far back as January 2007, only contains items with ISBNs, and then there's still other items that didn't/won't import into LibraryThing for any number of reasons. (For example, our government documents collection is not included here.) If you are interested in accessing print material from our collection please use the full online catalog @
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The Nebraska Public Library Commission was established by an act of the Legislature on March 27, 1901, and the office of the Commission was opened in the State Capitol on November 11 of that year. The Commission was charged to "encourage the establishment of libraries where none existed and the improvement of those already established." In 1933, due to economic hardships, the Legislature passed a bill abolishing the Library Commission and establishing in its place the Nebraska Public Library. It was relocated to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where the University Librarian served as Public Library Commissioner. The Nebraska Public Library Commission was re-established by law in 1935 and moved to an office in the new Capitol Building. In 1952 the Commission was designated by the Library of Congress as the official distribution center for the Books for the Blind program. In 1972 the Nebraska Public Library Commission assumed its present identity as the Nebraska Library Commission

Nebraska has a long tradition of library service, beginning with military post libraries, continuing with literary society libraries founded during Territorial times, women's club libraries, Carnegie libraries, college and school libraries, and the modern libraries of today. The Nebraska Library Commission Archives, located at the Nebraska Library Commission, houses materials about the history and operations of the Commission and the libraries it has served since the agency's creation in 1901. The collection includes Commission biennial and annual reports, newsletters, documents, photographs and artifacts. Some of these materials have been digitized. Others are available for research use onsite.

Nebraska Library Commission
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