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Sep 21, 2023
Nome Real
P. C. Menezes
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Little Things, complex matters: Poetic musings on the joy of the simple and the power of the complex

Acerca de Mim

Patricia Menezes, the author of Little Things, complex Matters, penned P. C. Menezes writes mostly poetry focused on discussing complex life matters in a digestible, simple way. What began as a hobby and an alternative journaling activity is now a first poetry book where she presents her readers with witty, fast-paced, creative, burning questions on different topics such as art, science, past, future, people and love. She enjoys traveling, cooking and both complex engineering and human topics. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she currently lives abroad where by day, she is a Senior Business Manager in the Engineering and Manufacturing industry, a career which was her first passion and still inspires many of her writings. The author would love to hear from readers in her author page. You can also get in touch with her on Instagram @littlethingscomplexmatters or X (Twitter) @AuthorPCMenezes.

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