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God is a Conservative: Religion, Politics, and Morality in Contemporary America por Kenneth J. Heineman

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Sobre mimI am not a reader, but I hope I can encourage more readers and write more stories that significantly inspire young ones. I am a newbie on this platform and alI I want is to prove to myself that I can accomplish project and I absolutely did. I am not that typical writer who will think of the metaphor for long, in my case when idea burst I wrote it down and run some audio check then I am done. I expect lapses since English is my second language and it is difficult to retell a story to a Native tongue when I have my own dialect to consider. I am an accident author who wanted to sail against the wave of this field. I am not a reader at all, but I love to watching kid’s channel because of my newborn. She is the reason why I am here why I am writing. I tried creating a story book for her so I don’t have to purchase it at the store. But it falls to 6- 12 years old level of story and that was“The Whippersnapper and His Tubeless Tire”. I told myself to try again the next day, I wrote and I came up with “The Manana Habit “A story for young adult. On the same week I wrote and I came up with a story for Adult “The Forbidden Stranger “. I was frustrated to make a story book for her. I am confident I will be able to do it and luckily on the four attempt I did it. I intitialy entitled it I Got a Wound but changed it into My Cousin is My Hero. Now I had accomplished everything just this month. I have the missing piece in my heart, the story that steal my heart “The Whippersnapper and His Tubeless Tire. I wanted to have it in a traditional publishing and I search for publishers but I’m very scared to talked to them. I have a lot to prove to myself first to qualify in any pitch. I am nobody in this field, but if you look at my piece at least read it. I would become everything. I wanted to get some feedback to it. I will embrace any critism and opportunities working with a mentor.

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