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in primal terms: disjointed narratives - fractured realities - inner journeys - prose fragments (e.g. blanchot's récits, sarraute's tropisms, lydia davis's stories) - prose that resists categorization - dark humor - characters who are damaged, alienated, isolated, persecuted, marginalized - themes of madness, misanthropy, shadow self, otherness, absurdity, futility, distance, escape, solace in nature, the tenuous line between dream world and waking life

in formal terms: modernism - postmodernism - absurdism - surrealism - irrealism

genres: fiction - poetry - nature - biography/memoir - essays - graphic novels - the unclassifiable

the above represents the core of my primary reading interests. while i do own certain books listed in my collections, the majority of what i read now is checked out from the library.

note on reviews: 'date read' was stripped out when i migrated from goodreads - review dates are only accurate beginning with april 6, 2014.

*this is chiefly an archive of reviews from my original goodreads account (2008-2014). as of april 2015 my most current updates are available via my new goodreads account*
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trees, birds, circles, nothingness
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