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Where do I begin? Probably the same place most of you begin lol....AAAARRRRHHHHHHH.....I have approximately 500 books sitting on shelves in one room of my home. They range from the newest releases to my oldest book, dating back to 1852. I have books from most genre and even have some of my moms books from when she was a child. My husband helps to feed the addiction by looking for books that are worth money instead of memories lol.

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Where to begin. . . .

Im a happily married (second time around is what it took to achieve a happy marriage), 52 year old mother of 2 biological and 2 step (one step is from my first marriage and yes we still talking all the time and she still calls me mom) daughters. My husband and I run our AC company and I also have my own cleaning/pet sitting/home/person caretaker company. I have been addicted to reading since as far back as I can remember. It wasnt until about 15 years ago or so that I started to get the physical books and keep them. Now mind you, I have books from when I was a child and even when my mother was a child, but between my husband and myself, we have accumulated over 400 that I will keep and I have probably close to 250 that I have not quite fit in to my schedule to read as of yet. Once those books get read, I will decide if they are forever keepers or if I will trade them out for more books. Because, lets be honest with one another here, there is no such thing as too many books, right?


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