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My library has changed in the last 10 years. At one time I had over a 1000 books sitting on a wall long bookshelf. This changed when I divorced and moved to a smaller house. Now I keep only what is important to me. I have most of my non fictions, though from time to time I can be convinced to give one up. I have only the fiction that has moved me in some way or holds a special meaning.
Another thing that has changed in the last ten years is where I house my books. I don’t feel a room is complete without a few books stacked somewhere in a corner or on a shelf. My new love is the floating bookcases that are designed to hide the hardware so as to make it look as though a stack of books is suspended near a wall. My library is a reflection of my subconscious; when my books are a mess, I feel very out of sorts. Strange I know, but true all the same.
Acerca de Mim
First and foremost I am a life long student. Give me something to learn or master and you will see me most happy. My love of books started at a very early age and for 41 years now, I have always had a book going. My favorite reads right now are good science and history books. I am back in college loving every minute of it! I am hoping to teach at the college level in a few short years.
I am a single mom to a wonderful teen son who also shares my passion for learning. Soon he will be off to college and who know where I will end up? I know it won’t be here in Western Nevada! Give me a temperate zone so I can play in the garden and rain so I can curl up with a beloved book.
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