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Like everyone I have a pile of unreads. (you haven't eaten all the food in your kitchen either.) but except for reference works and books clearly tagged as "unread" I have read everything listed. Some books only once and others multiple times.

Many of the books in my library are from the Folio Society which makes beautiful volumes.

My library is arranged in alpha order by author, except for reference works and currently takes up two walls of my study, which also has two windows and usually a sleeping chocolate lab on the floor within easy petting reach.

Acerca de Mim
I picked up the habit of reading as a child and never gave it up, fortunately or not. I make time to read every day, but of course, not all the books I have feasted on are in my library.

My yearly reading pattern depends on the first book I read after 01/01. Fiction, follwed by non-fiction for the year or the reverse if I start with non-fiction. From Veterans' Day 11/11 through 01/01 I read only one book or set. I re-read about four books each year.

I read at least one undisputed, classic, fiction or non-fiction each year, along with some Shakespeare every couple of months. When I am working my way through an author's complete works, or almost complete, I read at least two books by that author annually. Otherwise I read as I am moved to do so.

I'm a slow, cud chewing kind of reader, but am blessed with a great memory and a lot of rain in Seattle. Thank God!
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