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Sarah Miller
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Most of my books are YA, even though I am fastly approaching the not even a little Y, A. The stories in YA books are always so much more creative and immersive. Sure they can have some recycled stories, but for the most part they are new and exciting. Just because you are grown, it doesn't mean you have to start reading your mom's old romance novels :0)
Acerca de Mim
I'm just a nerdy gal who loves the various things life offers up. I like to call myself an extreme reader, where others like to BMX off of large hills or swim with sharks, I like to read books in large quantities :0) I like to live my large, scary adventures vicariously. I'm big into movies and music, too. Sometimes I like to watch a movie on silent, while listening to my mp3 player and reading a book! Okay, so that might have been stretching the truth just a tad...

I also love coffee (a little too much) and spending time watching the ocean. It's so immense and persistent. I love that it never stops, always reaching for the shore.
Ormond Beach, FL
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