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Patricia Brogan
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My library is in transit, and likely to remain packed away for some time; I've listed two books from each box. So it's kind of a vague representation of my actual library. I look forward to cataloguing the whole thing.

That doesn't make me crazy, does it? Does it?
Acerca de Mim
I was shocked to discover, upon graduation from an inexcusably long degree program in English Literature, that I was not well-read. I had never finished Moby Dick. I had never even started Don Quixote. Catcher in the Rye had missed me. Steinbeck had been forced on me by a teacher who liked reading aloud, but I'd never read him myself. The list went on and on.

I contemplated rectifying the problem. Then I contemplated spending the next ten years reading mostly American writers.

I am determined. I have decided. I will be *thoroughly* ill-read.
Kaukauna, WI
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