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Thomas J. Hubschman
Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
Eclectic. Herodotus to Foucault, Diderot to Chekhov. Most of the best has disappeared over the years, loaned out. Nowadays I buy second-hand over the Internet or download from

Recent discoveries: Fortunata and Jacinta (Galdos), Rameau's Nephew (Diderot), Worried Sick (Hadler), The Sorceress (Michelet).
Acerca de Mim
Author of five published novels: Look at Me Now, Billy Boy, My Bess, Song of the Mockingbird, Fr. Walther's Temptation and The Jew's Wife & Other Stories; three sf novels: Alpha-II, Space Ark and Leffingwell's Planet; and two anthologies of writing from the Third World: The Best of Gowanus: New Writing from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, The Best of Gowanus II: More New Writing from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Brooklyn (New York City)
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