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My library currently consists of all the books I actually have on hand, plus some that my sisters have in their libraries but are actually mine (there is some controversy here, much like the border disputes between countries there is a question of who owned it first and was it a gift or a loan?), plus all the books I've read that I will now have to try to remember and dig up.

The content of the list is varied and goes from books I read in elementary school to books I've read for senior level college classes (not always major related), to books my parents gave me from their school lives.

I've been through a few stages of books in my life, these have included Anne McCaffrey's Pern books, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dragonlance, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and various other series that will be reflected here as soon as I get around to adding them.

I've included the various comic books that I've been reading lately, and while the literary merit of some might be cast into doubt, the merit of the others makes up for it. Or not. At any rate, they have been occupying some portion of my time and money, so they make it on the list.

You may notice that I have a tag called "scanlation" this is for those Japanese comics (or, if you prefer, manga) that I have read online but have not legally purchased. At one point I had pledged to eventually purchase most, if not all of these, but that's been pushed to the very bottom of the books to buy list. I'm considering not adding these any more as they pile up quickly and I tend to read them on a chapter by chapter basis anyway.

Somewhere, there is some one else with the same random taste in books as me. Though I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be one of my sisters.

Feel free to bother me in the other aspects of my online life.

updated 11/2010
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At the time of this writing I am: 27, married, own a house, and have three cats.

I have a tendency to read just about anything that comes into the house regardless of the intended age group. Very rarely have I not been able to make it through a book, though it's been known to happen.

One day, I would like to own every book that I can remember reading. Eventually, I plan on going to the library I spent most of my childhood in and making a list. Then I will add all the ones that are missing from here. After that, I'll need lots of money.
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