Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
Lots of books on prophecy, occult, ghosts, magic, runes,
Hitler, latin lexicons, summerian grammar, astronomy and
cosmology, ancient manuscripts + grimoires, ....How high
is UP?
If you have books on above subjects or others of
interest, which you wish to sell, or just talk about,
please E-mail me at :
Acerca de Mim
I am a 60 yr. old retired woman, living in Carthage, Texas
( Golden Triangle ) 75633 code. My passions are Tolkien,
astronomy, ancient languages, Runic...I research occult/
paranormal subjects from a sci/rationalist approach. I am
open-minded ( rare for a sci/geek ) and welcome E-mails
from people wishing to share "ghost stories" + theories
related to any occult/magic/supernatural phenomena.
Carthage, Texas. 75633. USA
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