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Sobre mimI've loved reading since I was a little kid. I can't remember what it was like to not know how to read, and I still fondly remember my mother writing a note to my elementary school informing them that, despite my very young age, they ought to free me from the restriction of having to take books from the "little kids'" section and let me at the chapter books. They did, and I was on my way!

For me, reading is about escape. It's about fun, thrills, going to another world for a while and suspending your disbelief when crazy things happen there. It's about experiencing situations, even entire lives, that you never would have experienced in your own lifetime. I think I've given the educational system a good reason to revoke my Liberal Arts Education card by refusing to judge a book based on its hype, its age, or how much of a "classic" it's considered to be. Any story by any author can be great (or awful), and I read whatever interests me (when I can find it in a library, that is--such are the woes of being an English girl in Quebec).

My favourite books are those about crime, dystopias, the wilderness, and magic. The Harry Potter series is my most beloved collection of books, and I unabashedly dressed up in costume and cried my way through premieres clutching friends' hands. I also love the In Death series, anything written by Stephen King, most books by Gary Paulsen, and probably many others that won't come to mind just now.

Sobre a minha bibliotecaMy tastes in literature are varied and I'm not opposed to reading just about anything (with a few exceptions, of course). I'm open to kids' books, young adult books, adults' books, the classics... anything that seems interesting to me, so my library might look a little funny!

I don't have a very strict tagging, organizing, or starring system, but I don't tend to give books anything under three stars (a passing grade) unless I feel there is something truly wrong with the book or story, or if I really, really disliked it and pretty much wish I hadn't read it. Something similar is true for five-star ratings--I don't give them out unless the book really moved me in some way and made me want to read it again and again. Other than that, I mostly let my gut land the rating somewhere between 3 and 4.5 stars.

Grupos75 Books Challenge for 2014, TinyCat

Autores favoritosRobert Jordan, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling (Favoritos partilhados)

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Em leituraThe Jane Austen Handbook por Margaret Sullivan

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