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Jan 20, 2010
Nome Real
Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
About 80/20 nonfiction to fiction. I like reading history, biography, finance, architecture, real estate, social issues... I'm addicted to maps and atlases which are helpful with regard to many reading interests, especially history, and frequently are wonderful art and history pieces themselves.

If I was quite wealthy, I'd collect historic maps and have a map room and a real library.

A 'real library,' that's like... Dark wood paneling, old-fashioned Victorian style sky light, high enough ceiling as to require a rolling ladder to reach the top books on the gonzo shelves, over stuffed chair with good reading light behind it, antique roll top desk. Lock on the door with the only key in my pocket. Could the library have its own private veranda (not a mere porch or patio, please) with an arbor adjacent to it?

Do I have to smoke a pipe? Do I need a spaniel? Is this a tad selfish?

--- My take on and interests in interesting libraries: --- *

20s30s40s Glass.
AdkArchHeritage Adirondacks.
advcongroup Finance (Singapore - many).
Africansky1 Maps, biz-econ history, architecture, glass.
antimuzak Classical music, history, maps (esp UK).
aquamari Finance.
archidose Architecture (broadly).
AsYouKnow_Bob History esp UK, maps, sociology.
Aulsmith Maps, history.
AurelArkad History, maps-atlases, travel, architecture.
bakshi Finance.
benwaugh Music recordings incl R & R, Classical, zydeco; ancient world.
bill Numismatics, archaeology.
burnit99 Humor (incl Pogo), politics, history (esp US).
cemanuel History (esp ancient, medieval).
chicagocoin Numismatics
CSMcMahon Chicago, humor.
danbrady Chicago.
dgrapes Chicago, history (esp military), architecture, maps-atlases.
dkathman Chicago, finance, history.
DonnahB Glass.
Dragonfly Maps, history, humor, music recordings.
DZOGG Photography.
Electric Ray Finance.
Excataloger Maps, travel, nature.
farrier Finance.
freudslip History, humor, finance.
geoffmangum Maps, history.
Golodhrond History (esp WW II, military).
gq2000 Finance.
herrold Finance.
hopebuilder Architecture, alt power.
hpatner Finance.
isacapp Glass.
jeannealogy School yearbooks, Chicago.
Jeffery Finance, history.
jeffreydbrown Maps (esp National Geographic).
jewellsbooks Glass.
jimroberts Finance, humor.
jmcilree Finance, history.
JNSelko History (esp WW II), humor (Pogo), science, philately, maps-atlases.
joelweinstein Finance.
John_Vaugh History, maps (different take).
krystal347 Glass.
kristinalynn History (individual level), Chicago.
leese Finance, history. (Korean tags... 금융 = finance, 경제 = economic, 경영 = business, 역사 = history).
LeventhalMapCenter Many atlases,maps, cartography
Library of Mistakes Finance NB
lilithcat Chicago, architecture.
mariancontrarian History, social.
MarkHammer History, finance (no tags).
marmot Chicago, maps, architecture.
Marquand Glass, architecture.
melvinsico Finance.
mmarzagalli Finance.
mooncap Finance.
msrau Glass.
Neighbors Arts, Photography.
Neuromancer Humor (Pogo).
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago Nature.
pranogajec Architecture, Chicago.
purtycherty Glass.
rathad Architecture, stamps.
recollector Maps, collecting old maps.
richmon Architecture.
Rivendell Architecture, maps (esp UK).
setnahkt Archaeology, geology (Galena), history, maps-atlases.
ShaiDardashti Finance.
sricci01 Glass.
stellarexplorer History, atlases, maps.
sugarhalo2330 Glass.
SusanBargar Glass.
Thrin History, classical music, humor.
wcarter History, atlases, classic autos.
WholeHouseLibrary History, humor, maps.
ZenNovice History, humor, maps.

* Don't be offended if you have a terrific group of XYZ books and they aren't listed here; the listing after your LT name is only what drew me to your library.
Acerca de Mim
Picture: My first new car, a 1959 Saab 93b or, as a friend called it, "Small, Black and Ugly." I took no offense. My father took every opportunity to tell me, "I told you so," whenever I had mechanical problems. Whenever = Frequently. This pic is actually of a 1958; same car... Two stoke engine, mixed oil & gas in tank, 3 cylinders, free wheeling, 3 speed on column, front wheel drive, suicide doors, am radio, metal "shade" behind grill to help hold in heat in winter; this car had it all.

The rationale of my book ratings is similar to most others at LT, and:
* Non-books (e.g. maps) are rated for what they are and my reaction to them and books are also rated considering what they contain; a book rating restaurants in Chicago, for example, could well be rated highly simply because it does what you expect in a thorough, thoughtful way. You don't expect, nor should you, great literature.

In general, the idiosyncratic and off beat reviews here are of books that have few or no other reviews.

Feel free to leave a note below if you drop by... I'd offer you a cup of coffee or tea, but that seems impractical in this venue.
Chicago, Illinois
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Livrarias: 57th Street Books, Bargain Books - Naperville - Ogden Mall, City Newsstand, O'Gara & Wilson, Ltd., Powell's - Hyde Park, Seminary Co-op Bookstore

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