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My library is actually a list of books that I have read since 2000. If I had kept all of the books I have read, I would need a storage unit just for books of books. My library here is also on a spreadsheet in Excel... interestingly enough I have a larger number of books in that list than I do day I will wade through the list to find the differences, but this day will be far off in the future.

If you look at the rating for my items they will seem a little strange.

One star means I hated the book, 2 stars means I was expecting more, 3 is average - I liked the book but nothing jumps out, 4 exceeds average, 5 will stick in my mind forever. And I must stay that I am a tough "rater" most of what I read, I think is average.
Acerca de Mim
I am a voracious reader and tend to spend a little more time reading than I probably should. I love mysteries and sci-fi/ fantasy as you can easily tell from my library. I am trying to expand my library to include more historical mysteries. I love "kick butt" female protagonists who are able to take care of themselves and any situation that gets thrown at them. Recommendations are always welcome.
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