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Jun 11, 2014
Acerca da Minha Biblioteca

I borrow many books from Overdrive and also have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I read mostly urban fantasy and paranormal romance (lots of reverse harem and poly these days) and some omegaverse, monster, science-fiction, high fantasy, young adult, and new adult.

Acerca de Mim

Most of my text reviews are on my Goodreads profile, and this profile is updated later than Goodreads.

I do not read non-fiction (except for cooking and educational animal books) and avoid pure contemporary or historical. Fantasy is my escape of choice. I also avoid mafia, biker/MC, and high school themes in my fiction. I don't enjoy reading about under-age intimate relations and immature main characters. Books about shifters and animal sidekicks are my guilty pleasures.

For romance, I mostly read M/F and any group with F but will try anything. I will read dark fiction, but I do not enjoy abusive gas-lighting behavior as part of the romantic relationship or too much gratuitous graphic violence. TSTL (too stupid to live) behavior, easy insta-love fated mate bonds, and miscommunication drama are also a turn-off for me. While I do enjoy omegaverse books, I mostly look for sweet relationships rather than noncon or dubcon and avoid mentions of mpreg.

My rating scale:
- 1★: Unable to finish the book.
- 2★: Managed to finish the book with skimming. Would not recommend.
- 3★: Okay book. Had significant issues and would not re-read unless part of a mostly great series. A single 3★ may sometimes cause me to abandon a series, but I will usually attempt past a few 3★.
- 4★: Enjoyed reading the book but had trivial issues. Would re-read.
- 5★: Absolutely loved the book. Would recommend and re-read.

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