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Today (1/2/2010) I finished cataloging the "friends" I have in my library...excluding my "friends waiting to be met"...aka the TBR stacks. They are next to be cataloged. It will be scary to put a number to those poor neglected friends...UPDATE: I started cataloging my TBR bookcase down, 2 more to go. 104 books in the first bookcase and it had some of the larger books. I'll estimate 350 friends. =-O UPDATE (12/12/2010): I finished adding the friends from Mt TBR. The current elevation is 298. YIKES...but at least I'm still under the 300 least for the moment. ;->

I continue to add books that I remember reading in the past. Funny how they pop into my mind at odd moments.

I only keep a few selected friends in my physical library, passing along many enjoyable "friends" to family, friends, and strangers. If I ever win the lottery, I would become a book collector. :-)

When I moved into my new home in September, 2019, there was a small room at the front of the house that I decided to designate as my "library". I put my three small, three-shelf bookcases and an old childhood bookcase into the room along with a piano promising myself that I would one day have a floor to ceiling bookcase on one wall. That day will come in January 2022...and what is a library without a library ladder! Yes, I splurged...I decided that life is too short not to spoil yourself every once in a while. =)

UPDATE...My home library was completed on 1/13/2022. It took me 4 days to load my books into their new home. I still have some rearranging to do but I finally got to the point that I just had to get the books off the floor and onto the shelves. I'm sooo happy with my home library. :)

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I come from a long line of book "addicts". When my Great Grandmother came to OR as a young girl, each of the children were allowed to bring one toy/personal item with Great Grandmother choose a book. I have my Great Grandmother's bookcase (which I treasure and will NEVER part with) that I always remember overflowing with books. I also remember going into my Grandmother's bedroom and seeing books spread all over the bookcases, on the floor, on the nightstand. My dad built a special bookcase the length of the hallway for my mom's books when she filled up the bookcases he had built for her in the living room. When my parent's home was threatened with flooding, my dad "evacuated" his World Book Encyclopedias and Yearbooks in the first load. (I hope to inherit this collection one day. And no, I don't want a "new" copy, I want this collection.) My mom, uncle & aunt, sister, some cousins, a few of my cousin's children and I are doing our best to keep up the family legacy of book "addicts". What can I's in the genes.
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