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I am a 30-something, stay-at-home-mom to 4 children: Caedon (13), Alec (12), Maddy (8), & Ashlyn (6). I am married to my college sweetheart. I grew up in Baton Rouge, La. and wish I had absorbed more of it's colorful cuture. I have a degree in Human Development (experiments still in process). I would rather read than do laundry; I do not clean toilets. I have a need for things to be balanced, coordinated and aesthetically pleasing; If you don't believe me, come check out my pantry. I have a desire to be consciously aware; In trying to apply mindfulness, I hope to find refinement, a meaningful connnection with others, and a calm refuge within myself. I owe a little bit of who I am to everyone who has ever loved me.
Seattle, WA
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