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Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
I am perpetually surrounded by books. I am often reminded of those old horror flicks in which the monster slowly grows until it takes over a city, state, etc. At the moment my library is still in the growth stage, as it has conquered several rooms in my house, but it's ambitious and I have high hopes for its success as one of the great monsters. As I am a Ph.D. student in Spanish literature, the majority of my collection at the moment consists of books in multiple languages. My areas of interest within my field include works from the classical era (pre-medieval) through the nineteenth century in Spain. Other than that, I read pretty much anything I can find. When I am not reading for the purpose of extreme intellectual enlightenment, I am an avid mystery buff.
Acerca de Mim
Other than reading, my interests include daydreaming; seeking adventures; music (playing, singing, composing); shopping; appreciating the arts; exploring my ever-developing fascination with the color pink; traveling to far-off places; attempting to create great art; spending way too much time in bookstores; searching for beauty where there seems to be none; attempting to create gourmet meals; reading medieval and Renaissance literature; writing; dreaming impossible dreams; decorating; cultivating my taste in shoes by acquiring more and appreciating the ones I have (a lifelong romance indeed); poetry; spending every moment possible with my family and loved ones; studying Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, and French; and basking in everyday joys.
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