Acerca da Minha Biblioteca
July 2008.

These are the books we used to have at 97 Ridgway, Wimbledon, London and Senni, before I moved permanently to Dan-y-graig isaf, Senni, Powys, Wales.

The books are shelved by size only, to save shelf space. While organizing the books onto the shelves, I realized that I had too little space for them all, so I gave about 400 books to Booth's Hay bookshop where they were either pulped or offered for sale.

I took a shelf of books at a time and scanned their bar code data directly into LibraryThing. This was fast and accurate. Others were entered manually. It took a total of about 24 hours to scan and enter over 1,100 books into LibraryThing.

While entering each book into LibraryThing I added a Tag giving the house location and in Comments I entered the shelf location. I did not label the books themselves. For this reason, every few years or so, I will have to check that they have been returned to the 'correct' shelf. That may be the time to do some 'pruning' too, as shelves become full.

Books with bar codes were entered into LibraryThing using a Microvision 'Flic Scanner' with coiled USB bundle (Black With Flic Logo), model HS2122-97, which I bought from RFIDShop for £109.86. I downloaded current software to use the scanner from This included an update for the Flic firmware. Then I installed on my computer the current driver for the Flic scanner and the program to use it.

Books without bar codes were searched for in LibraryThing and entered after checking the book data against the offered entry.

Now my family and friends, who I have notified by email that this resource is available, should be able to know what books are in this family library and where to find them.
Senni, Brecon, Powys, Wales